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Service Dogs and Airlines

Flying with Service Dogs – Good or Bad Experience?

by Spot on December 30, 2009

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I recently sent an email to my customers who purchased Service Dog ID Tags and asked which airlines they and their service dog had flown on and if they had incidents when they presented their Service Dog ID. The overwhelming results where that they had no problems what-so-ever. I was surprised by how many people said that they use jetBlue and the airline made it easy. The few responses I did receive about issues were scattered and no incidents where they and their service dog were not allowed to fly. Issues that did arise seamed to be caused by the attendant and not the airline. Many readers stated that they also took papers from their doctor just as back-up.

The airlines that people said they had flown on were: Southwest Airlines,Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, jetBlue, American Airlines, US Airways, America West, Frontier Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air France, KLM, Iberia and Spirit.

One reader responded that the issues she had had were not with the airlines but with Greyhound and Amtrak. Others responded that they had issues with airport security and not the airlines themselves.

I decided to put the feedback I got here and give those that wish to share their experiences with everyone. You can leave your comment right below. :mrgreen: