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Autism Service Dogs

Assistant Dogs and Housing issues

by Sue on June 10, 2011

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I get phone calls and emails almost every day from people who have suddenly ran into a problem with a landlord.

I find it interesting how landlords and HOA, despite being told of the laws regarding assistance dogs, will still act as though the laws do not pertain to them. In truth, it pertains to all. New landlords and old landlords.

Today I actually stumbled across a really nice site that covers many laws pertaining to animals. Including a very well written page which describes housing accommodation and assistance dogs.

This is one I will be passing on to people time and time again.

Sussie and Gunny


Do you know someone that trains Service Dogs for individuals?

by Sue on April 28, 2011

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I am collecting a list of Service Dog trainers. If any of our readers knows of someone that trains Service Dogs for individuals, could you please send me their information?

Send it to


Sussie and Gunny


Camilo family expected that trained dogs can help control diabetes your child –

by Spot on November 3, 2010

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Camilo family hopes can help children control diabetes

The Garlock recently heard about service dogs who are specially trained to detect dangerous falls in levels of blood sugar in humans. …

– Google News


Service Dogs of Hawaii Fi-Do, training session, working dogs, employment, group photo

by Spot on September 26, 2010

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Service Dogs

Hawaii Fi-Do, training session, working dogs, the use of photos
service dog

Image Beverly & Pack
Wahiawa, Hawaii – Don and raised especially for service dogs in Hawaii-Fi pause for a photo during a training session. The specially trained dogs provide physical, psychological and therapeutic for people who face the daily challenges of living with a disability other than blindness. Photo Credit: Molly Hayden, the U.S. Army Public Affairs


Adopt a service dog – the absolute best adult dog you could ever find

by Spot on September 17, 2010

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adopt a service dog – the absolute best adult dog when he could search

decision to add a new adult dog family, have you considered adopting one that is actually retired? What is a “retired” dog in the first place? In short, most people never consider finding a partner who is used to serve others as a guide dog. Any dog that has been formed to or actually a “race” leading the blind, or helping other people with disabilities is a typical example of a working dog.

If you are lucky enough to adopt a dog that has been formed to provide a service to people, or at least adopt a dog that has been accepted for this training, but not for any reason, you are in for a special treatment. Most people do not even know that there are dogs.

However, all dogs are bred and raised in order to provide a kind of service is actually working there. And other dogs have in fact been used for people in their lives, but obviously can not continue to work forever. To help these animals find new permanent housing, there are organizations that provide guide dogs for adoption programs as part of their services.

If you look at the reports submitted by the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners, you will find that there are approximately 8000-9000 dogs in the United States alone currently “employed”. These dogs are out there that provide services for the deaf, the blind leading the people and the assistance given to other men and women with disabilities.

Consider this, you need a very special dog and smart just to get in any program unless they are trained for a career as a service dog. They should be well adjusted and well socialized, healthy, and show all the signs needed to be good students of a particular work of instructors are prepared.

Only these attributes alone, before being trained to work, would be a pet really incredible. Now, imagine six months to two years of obedience training additional high power and career programs protocol. The result is a dog that would be extremely grateful to have as a pet.

So before deciding to go to a shelter or the usual place to buy or adopt a dog, please check local services that specialize in providing dogs that are ex-service oriented, or a dog because or another not quite do the training. Anyway, you’re sure to enjoy an upscale, quality pet sheets.

Consider this, you can choose between three types of assistance dogs to choose from: the dogs are taken to be guides, career change “dogs and, finally, they are the dogs under the program training for any reason, or short – lackey.

1) Guide Dogs No More: Service dogs can not work their jobs forever. As we age, the dogs, they become slower and are more effective in helping their owners. On average, a service dog can run about eight years. At that time, they become prime candidates for adoption by people like you and me.

2) dogs that have multiple careers: Many dogs can be taken directly from a service, then formed another. The reasons for this may vary. Maybe because of problems of temperament, medical problems, or perhaps a dog was just a game is not for the owner. For example, a dog may be withdrawn from service as a guide, then prepared and transferred to work in a hospital or rehabilitation of nursery care. Sometimes these animals are still assigned to the centers of homeless children to play with the children.

3) But he made the cut: Finally, we have our lackeys. Now, before considering a lackey to be a bad thing, come back to this idea, because the opposite is true. Thousands of dogs are trained each year by organizations that are service jobs. All these dogs in the final cut for whatever reason, whether temperament problems, health problems, or perhaps a little too nervous to perform maintenance. However, the important thing to remember here is that these dogs are always a notch above any other dog can find elsewhere.

Without doubt, these dogs are really in demand. Most of them are fully trained and provide stable society since the day he took home. The reason is that most of these types of working dogs for months or years and participated in class-compliant protocols of intensive training and learning. This type of training is so extensive that most ordinary people could not afford to have their pets take the training of professionals.

For the dog must be accepted in this type of training programs for the preparation of the media have already premium natural qualities and characteristics that made them ideal candidates in the first place. Generally, these dogs are between one and two years. Most are very gentle and affectionate and have received extensive training in obedience program launch. All pets would be wonderful companion for the whole family.


Sweeney To Introduce Bill Guaranteeing Service Dogs For Students With Disabilities Be Allowed In School

by Spot on August 25, 2009

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With the start of a new school year quickly approaching, Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney said today that he will introduce legislation this fall guaranteeing that all students with disabilities can bring a professionally-recommended service dog to school with them in order to get the most from their education.

“In addition to being ‘man’s best friend,’ trained dogs can make a major difference in the developmental progress of students with autism spectrum disorders or developmental disabilities,” said Senator Sweeney, D-Gloucester Cumberland and Salem. “This isn’t about giving students permission to bring pets into the classroom, but about giving students with disabilities access to the medically-recommended, results-oriented therapies that will allow them to achieve their potential. We need to make sure that these students have every opportunity to do the best they can in the classroom, and part of that is accommodating their unique therapeutic needs.”

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Sweeney To Introduce Bill Guaranteein… – PolitickerNJ


Lawyers Work on Plan For Autistic Boy

by Spot on August 24, 2009

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Lawyers were back in court Monday trying to figure out how to bring a dog into a Columbia, Illinois classroom. It’s all in an effort to help a little boy with autism. The boy’s family and the Columbia school district had been at odds over the issue for a year. But Thursday, the judge cited an Illinois state law that permits children with disabilities to have service animals in school if the animals help them complete beneficial tasks.

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