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by Sue on August 4, 2016

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Summer is upon us as usual. I love summer. When you have fibromyalgia like I do, you relish warm days and dread cold ones. But I’m not here to talk about my pain. I am here to talk about pain you may be giving your dog without even thinking about it.

I see people walking their dogs all the time…on asphalt. On a hot day, in the mid afternoon in full sun, place your hand on the asphalt and leave it there for a bit. Hot isn’t it? Imagine what it’s like for a dog. They have to feel that four times. Once on each foot. And dogs’ feet are very sensitive. They have to be to know where they are and what is under them. With the exception of sight hounds, dogs actually have poor vision to a degree. They rely mainly on smell, hearing and feel.

Concrete is OK. It does not soak up the heat like asphalt. And neither does a lot of brick surfaces. But asphalt. Unless it’s a cloudy day or a cool day, it’s going to be hard on your dog.

“But my dog acts fine” I have heard some people say. Well, the loyalty of a dog will make them do things that will hurt them sometimes. Walking on hot asphalt is one of them. But if you remember, as a child running around barefoot, walking across a hot pavement, saying to yourself “ouch ouch ouch”, that about what’s going through that dog’s mind when they are walking across the same type of surface.

Dogs cool themselves two ways. Panting and dispersing heat through their feet. That is why you see that  a lot of dogs on hot days will go and stand in water. They are cooling themselves off. Like we do when we place a cool rag around our neck or on our head. So when they are walking on something hot, you are taking away one of their cooling systems.

The next time you take your dog out on hot days either avoid asphalt, carry the dog over asphalt (if possible) or buy the dog a nifty set of dog shoes. You will be doing him or her a favor.




Sussie and PTSD Service Dog “Gunny” the Dachshund

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1 Brenda 08.08.16 at 6:11 am

I agree I walk our dog every day but on sidewalk only it’s hot I carry him a lot please treat your service dog or any dog like you like to be treated our dog is our life love care is a lot food and water every day

2 Patricia Novembre 08.08.16 at 8:07 am

Yes I’ve told people about the paws on the dog .where we live we have no sidewalks so the edge of the grass for walking is great I have a Chinese crested hairless and I didn’t realize how hot it was outside.half way down the block he just panted and rolled I prayed I ran all the way home with him in my arms.please remember if we are hot they are hot all pets need to be loved and watched over in the heat and in the cold

3 Wendy Clouser 08.08.16 at 8:16 am

I use mushers secret on paws always have.

4 Chris Garver 08.10.16 at 5:24 am

I am so glad you brought this up. My trainer answered this exactly the same way 6 years ago. concrete is ok, blacktop is NOT. I bought each service dog a set of Neopaws, and love the product. It is a canadian company, and the shoes are well made and useful in many situations, besides hot blacktop. Hot boardwalk at the beach. Keeping bandages on… highly recommend NeoPaws. google it if interested. also have a cooling vest from for my long haired gsd sd. it too is well made, and with heat and humidity it is a lifesaver

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