What do you think about dog clothes?

by Sue on January 26, 2016

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I have been noticing quite a trend as of late in dog clothes. Summer clothes. Winter clothes. Clothes that match the owner. Fancy collars. Lots of bling. Sunglasses. Booties. You name it and there is probably something like that made for a dog. The popularity of the dressing up of dogs as grown so quickly over the last few years, that what was once considered nonsense has now become the norm.

Gunny does have a Hawaiian shirt that he wears for special occasions. He also has a float coat and doggles for when we go sailing. But, other then a couple rain coats and winter coats (and a t-shirt I bought him once to keep his incision clean after the operation), he’s pretty much a clothes free weiner.

I have nothing against doggles or footwear on dogs. Doggles can prevent cataracts which can develop from long term exposure to the sun. There is also nothing wrong with footwear as pavements and sidewalks do become rather hot on a dogs feet in the summer. Not to mention the dangers of de-icer on them in the wintertime. However, personally, I do have a problem with fancy clothes on service dogs. Mainly because it draws attention to the dog and makes the dog look more like a pet than a service dog.

Emotional Support Dogs and some forms of Service Dogs that are allowed or encouraged to be petted, are fine dressed up. It has been proven that dogs which are “dressed up” tend to be more inviting and less threatening to the public than dogs which are not. A service dog which is mildly dressed would be less frightening to children as well as some adults who are wary of dogs, thus be more accepted. I call mildly dressed such as having a bandana on or maybe a snazzy collar or harness.

What do you readers think of them?

What do you readers think of dog clothes in general?

Comments please?

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1 Carmen Hays 02.01.16 at 3:01 pm

If the dog is cold it should wear something to keep it warm. If an ugly coat or cute coat are the same price what does it matter? I had a Brussels and she got cold even in Fl in the winter, Yes, it raised a few questions. I understood why when she died April 2014. She had the same condition she helped me with, a chiari. It can cause trouble with temperature regulation.

2 wendy 02.01.16 at 4:44 pm

No close for mine.I would let the grand kids put doll out fit to play dress up.

3 d wright downs 02.01.16 at 6:28 pm

My dog wears his Service Dog harness. He is a GSD and his coat is kept brushed out and I protect his feet with musher cream. That is all he needs. My niece has a small dog. I buy her things for her dog because she likes to dress her up. I gave her a backpack and she carries her roll of potty bags in it. My guy does not need any enhancements…he is a beautiful boy, red and black with some silver.

4 chris 02.02.16 at 7:04 am

my dog’s clothing is his service vest!! I need access to his handle, he is a mobility dog. However, we had custom made footwear, so that his toes do not get caught in escalators, and for hot surfaces in the summer. Also, since he is a long haired German Shepherd, I bought him a cooling vest, which cools his core, and fits UNDER his service vest. I tried to find one in black, like his hair coat and vest, but the company I liked for the cooling vest only offered blue or red. So he has blue, and loves it in the MD heat.

5 Ralph Drake 02.02.16 at 1:28 pm

My Boston Shivers without a sweater, She helps me to put it on her, whenever we leave the house. She runs thru the doggie door finds the first blade of grass, pees, and is back in the house.

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