Family sues to get son’s service dog in school

by Sue on October 24, 2013

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There is a video with this one so I am posting the link here.

Sussie and Crew

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1 Lu 10.28.13 at 7:21 am

The dog should be allowed in the school, as they wouldn’t have even been able to have him had it not been for a Doctor’s order.

If folks are concerned about his ability to “control” his Service Dog because he’s so young, then they should be awarded an Aide, as is done with other special needs children, until such time as it’s been proven that it’s a non-issue.

Handled correctly, the Service Dog can easily be introduced into the classroom and the other children taught, thru a game, how to “be with” the Service Dog in the same space. Children thrive on learning and knowing things…..and often it’s the parents who need long-term education.

Time and time again, when Mocha and I are “out and about” we use the encounters as “teaching opportunities” (Why is a dog allowed in the store, whey their pet cat wouldn’t be allowed in, what the right term is….)
Just yesterday at the Grocery store, we spent 15 minutes with a Mom and her daughter….and later when the 3 year old saw us, she was sooo PROUD of the fact that she’d remembered the term: Service Dog and greeted us from across the isle with a loud Greeting. AND she remembered to use her inside voice when we came closer, without ANY additional words from her mom OR myself, than those original 15 minutes. She even told Mocha why she couldn’t pet her –because she had her coat on and was working, and didn’t mean to hurt her feelings, grin.

Lu & Mocha

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