Pet food delivered right to your door!

by Sue on December 22, 2011

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I ran across the slickest site I have ever seen in my life. I saw their advertisement in the Farmer Almanac. And I have learned in the past that I can trust most of the page ads in that book. So I tried it. And by golly it’s fantastic!

I’m talking about a company called PetFlow.

Would you like your dog food delivered right to your door? At about the same price as your local pet store sells it for? (Or in my case it seems to hold true) With little or no shipping charges? Were you can set up a subscription with them to deliver it to your door at a certain time each month? PetFlow can do this!

I am disabled and the biggest problem I have is being able to get into town and bring these big bags of food home for my dog. With PetFlow, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Rain or shine or snow. No matter what. I know my dogs’ food will come right to my door and the delivery guy will even bring it in for me. What a deal!

I am so happy with this, that I felt it was only right to tell you all here about it. And no, I am not a salesman for them. I just think this is a fantastic service.

You know the old saying that “If something is too good to be true, it probably is?” Well this is NOT one of those times. This seems too good to be true but it IS true.

Check it out!


Sussie, Gunny, Rainy and Lucy.
(Or maybe I should just be saying “Sussie and the Y team” LOL)

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1 Kathy Bright 12.26.11 at 7:31 am

Sussie, There is another dog food company that delivers also that is about the same price but better quality food. Not sure if its available everywhere but worth a look. It’s called Nature Select. I would suggest Google them and see if you can find a distributor. They will deliver the food, dump it, and set up a date to bring it for you. They have no fillers, and my dogs love it! No corn, no wheat and it’s not anymore expensive than Nature’s Choice.
But like I said, I am uncertain its available over the U.S. But I know its in Ohio.

2 Lucinda Hutcherson 12.26.11 at 8:22 am

You can also subscribe at amazon for the dog food you prefer, there is no tax or shipping charge, and you can get small to big bags. It comes in the mail but for my small dog it works and letter carrier brings to my door. Just an idea but Amazon has lots of different kinds and brands.

3 Terri 12.26.11 at 9:17 am

Great idea, but for the food I and my rescue uses, not economical. I can get the 35 pound bag in the local store for $40 not on sale, this site wants $52 plus $4.95 shipping (although shipping is free if I get two bags). But $80 vs $104 still doesn’t cut it. The local store loads it for me, my neighbor kids unload. I still bookmarked the page, and thank you for the info, though, because you never know what the futre will bring.

4 Ky Greene 12.26.11 at 7:12 pm

Yes, i found it the biggest bonus in the world to have my dog food delivered.NO SHIPPING CHARGE. I use Flint River Ranch. No addititives, preservitives, no corn, wheat, beet juice (all beets in dog food are GMO), etc. As Bingo has allergies, this has been the best choice yet. (Lamb and Millet). The food is fresh BAKED and delivered. It usually says 7 to 10 days but i always get it 3 days after i order. I have tried a variety of foods including raw but this has been the best choice yet. Fits my budget, shipped free and timely Bingo knows when it shows up.

5 sussie 12.28.11 at 12:52 pm

Here in Bend the prices are very comparable to PetFlow. Only difference is that Petflow delivers. This posting focused more towards the disabled. Able body people should not have an issue with going out and buying their own dog food. :)

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