Service dog gets a leg up

by Sue on November 30, 2011

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Service dog gets fitted with a prosthetic leg.

Note from Sussie: I think the main reason the dog started to complain is that the constant taking off and putting on of the leg was starting to irritate it.

At first I thought “Well if the dog was born without it, why bother?” I have had two three legged dogs in my life and they lived long healthy lives (one Akita-Border Collie lived to be 16 and one Border Collie until cancer got her at the age of 15). But then I had to remember to take into consideration the breed here. Labs are known to develop hip problems. This would help the one good leg from going bad too soon.

Sussie, Gunny, Rainy and Lucy

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1 Cooke Osborn 12.06.11 at 11:04 am

This is a great story. I thought it was interesting in the beginning though, where they said he just discovered that he was able to assist with seizures. I would be really curious to know if the dog was just helping based on instincts, or had service dog certification training on how to perform under those circumstances. Considering they knew he lost his leg at birth you would think they had a pretty good history on the dog.

The dog definitely didn’t seem thrilled with the new leg, after that many years I am sure it will take some time to adjust. Hopefully it will help ward off any future hip problems though like you mentioned. I would love to see an update after the dog gets used to the new leg!

2 Kim 12.08.11 at 8:44 am

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