Ebay Seller Encouraging Fraudulent Service Dogs

by Sue on August 10, 2011

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There are only two things I can add to this.

#1 The seller is making all service dog owners look bad.

#2 Just because they SAY they are in Seattle, does not mean that they are. You can say your from anywhere when you sell on eBay.

Sussie, Gunny (Ret.) and Rainy

P.S. Just for kicks, I did a search for this product on eBay and it has been removed.

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1 John 08.15.11 at 1:25 pm

The problem is some of us do have legitimate service dogs trained by our selves but do have problems going to other countries as even Hawaii requires a certificate or you have to have the dog quarantined, what to do then?

2 Nellie 08.15.11 at 7:00 pm

John, Since you are training your dog yourself and need a certificate, it would be possible to get a trainer to test your dog and certify your dog is trained for your needs. I know of a person that did take her dog to Hawaii and didn’t have to put it in quarantine. Planning ahead helped her get her paper work done for her dog and contact others that needed to see these papers. A veterinarian was brought to them in Hawaii, checked the paper work and released the dog to depart. You must plan ahead and be prepared for anything to pop up. I hope this helps you in the future.

3 Brenda 08.16.11 at 7:43 am

Can they demand a certificate when the American Disabilities Act overide the state laws?

4 Mark 08.18.11 at 2:37 pm

I have some concerns in that quite a few of us have legitimate service / assistance dogs that we trained under the guidance of a certified trainers. We have been forced to do this for several reasons. Financial reasons also some of us have needed the dog trained for our specific needs and all the service dogs organizations insist on taking a cookie cutter approach. Many of us look down on those that for all intense and purposes want take their pet to the store just as nothing more then a fashion statement. So in several states there are laws in place to prevent the abuse of impersonating an SD when in fact they are not. I will be contacting the Attorney General for our state and the FTC to file formal complaints against the practice of Ebay allowing the violation of ADA and violating the laws of the states that have protections in place. Bottom line is it is deceptive marketing to insinuate that it should be tolerated. If Ebay doesn’t want to put the necessary safe guards in place to prevent the abuse of the ADA I can assure you the FTC and Attourney Generals of the states will. I have already started the petition for us in Maryland.

5 Linda 08.23.11 at 9:22 pm

Here is a link to what steps have to be taken to take a service dog into Hawaii:

Has to have microchip, blood work, doctor’s statement, and assorted paperwork done.

Or you can have a certificate from the training of the dog instead of the doctor’s statement.

My dog is self trained, so I would have to go with a doctor statement. I currently carry one from my physical therapist. Not sure if that would work or not. However, since I am not headed to Hawaii it is not an issue for me right now.

6 Nadine 01.21.12 at 11:42 pm

This issue with bringing a pet or service animal to Hawaii is that Hawaii is a rabies free state. Rabies does not exist in Hawaii and they try hard to keep it that way. Animals born in Hawaii do not need to be vaccinated for rabies. However, to keep the state free of this disease animals coming into the state need to have been vaccinated and they also need to have had a blood test called a “Rabies Titer” done to show that the animal has been vaccinated and has the antibodies. It takes about a month to get back. So you have to plan a head. Your vet will have to send off the blood work and then you will need to have these documents with you to avoid having your animal quarantined in Hawaii. Also there are certain months of the year when it is too hot to ship animals to Hawaii. As long as you have your paperwork your pet will be released at the quarantine office right away. Service dogs can travel in the plane but must meet the rabies blood test. You can find more information by looking at the rules at Hawaiian Airlines. Not all airlines will allow dogs to travel to Hawaii because of the hassle.

7 Jewel Jade 02.23.12 at 11:24 pm

I’m so glad that I’m seeing so many other service dog blogs that are addressing the issue of fake “service dogs.” My blog also addresses this issue, as well as the issue of service dogs being attacked by loose or roaming dogs. This is another major concern of mine that I have also addressed on my blog. I really enjoy reading your blog and have added it my blog list, and I’m wondering if/how I can get you to add mine to your blog list as well. Thank you for addressing these major concerns for those of us that have worked tirelessly, through blood, sweat and tears, and many seemingly endless hours to train our service dogs properly and legitimately.

8 Jewel Jade 02.23.12 at 11:25 pm

Please check out my blog that also addresses this issue, at
http://www.dogsinservice.blogspot.com. Thank you.

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