Updated video on the SURFice Dog

by Sue on April 1, 2011

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I know that a while back we posted a video about the Service Dog that ended up being a Surfing Service Dog. I simply could not pass up posting this when I ran across it on YouTube. This is an update on the SURFice dog. I found it very touching how one dog can change the lives of so many people.

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1 SURFice dog Ricochet 04.03.11 at 10:03 am

Thank you for posting about me! It really helps us raise awareness of my causes. There are lots more videos of me working/surfing with special needs kids and people with disabilities if you search YouTube for “surf dog Ricochet” or go to “docchat” channel.

Please join me on Facebook too! http://www.facebook.com/SurfDogRicochet

Thanks again!


2 John 04.04.11 at 11:24 am

Ricochet is doing not only what she wants but is a great companion to her new best friend. I believe that a Service Dog is the best thing God has ever created. They bring life back to those of us who feel lost and no more part of society. My Service Dog “Reba” (GSD who will be 9 this year has just recently received her new title of a Service Dog. I lost my right leg in Katrina. I was a very active person but with no insurance, I have to depend on the V. A. Hospital for my medical needs. They did not want to pay to have her trained, so I self taught myself on how to train Service Dogs and she (5) years later is now my constant companion. She was always my favorite of all three of my dogs as my wife (who commited suicide after 28 years of marriage) bought Reba for me as a puppy for a birthday present. Now we are best friends and I can finally get out of my home where I was a psycological prisioner since my wife shot herself in the chest and I held her while she took her last breath. I contribute Reba to giving me courage to go on with life. Before that we just sat in our small home and watched T. V.

3 John 04.04.11 at 11:31 am

I think this is a very touching story. My wife commited suicide on March 21 2007. We were together for 28 years. After returning from Katrina I lost my leg in a terrible accident in which Reba was with me. Reba was a birthday gift from my wife almost 9 years ago. Reba is now trained as my Service Dog so I can go out in the public again. I spent the last 4 years in my home after holding my wife as she took her last breath. I felt that Reba had been through Katrina, the Motor Home accident off a Missoui Ozark mountain, in which I lost my right leg. Living alone now I feel Reba is now the other half of me that had died when my wife took her own life. I am confined to a power chair and she is getting more exercize now than she ever did. God put these wonderful animals in our lives for a reason. I believe they are angels in the form a dog. Reba is a GSD and she will be 9 this year.

4 Janet 11.02.11 at 3:08 pm

I love the video “Turning disappointment into Joy”, what a breath taking and inspirational video , ” Thank You”, Thank YOU Ricochet “, for all you do and give and the unconditional love and encouragment, and inspiration you provide . I have now looked at several of your video’s and always smile …..I have a golden retriever , named Bailey , our family saved her from a dog shelter Bailey was sick when we adopted her but she has recovered fully to bless us with 7 years and counting with her . God bless you both for doing the work you do and may god watch over you both so you may continue to bless us with your amazing work. PRICLESS!

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