Traveling with Service Dogs – Service Dogs in Hotels

by Spot on December 30, 2009

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I recently asked my subscribers which airlines they and their service dog had flown on using service dog tags and if they had incidents. You can see the article and responses here Flying with Service Dogs. Many also commented about their experiences with hotels.

I thought it would be useful to hear about the experiences service animal owners had had when staying in a hotel with their service dog. If you’ve had a good or bad experience with a hotel and would like to share your experience with others, leave a comment in the box below and let us know if they treated you right.

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1 Mary 12.30.09 at 1:13 pm

Ohio Econolodge was not a good experience. They insisted on charging extra for my service dog and were not friendly with me or my dog. :-(
Just a heads-up to those that are in or going to Ohio.
Have a great new year.

2 Anonymous 12.30.09 at 5:19 pm

We have traveled with our service dog and had no problems in the state parks or hotels. We went to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon no problem at Mesa Verde and stayed at the lodge (no dogs allowed) service dogs ok and had no problems with her in national parks or on trails where dogs are not allowed., stayed at The View at Monument Valley and the lodge at Zion with no problems.

3 Ash 12.31.09 at 3:13 pm

I went to a Holiday Inn in South Carolina. Just overnight on out drive to Florida. It was terrible. The people at the front desk screamed at me, tried to charge us extra, then put us in a “pet room” which was poorly cleaned and spider infested. Needless to say we ended up getting our money back and leaving.
I’ve also stayed in several hotels in Walt Disney World. All Star Resorts, Pop Century and Polynesian. All of them we wonderful. The staff there knew how to treat people with service animals, and were aware of the laws that apply to people with service animals. Disney is my favorite place to stay because of how great they are with disability issues.

4 Robina 12.31.09 at 4:14 pm

Hilton is animal-friendly, but charges $75 per stay for cleaning the room, even for service animals.

5 Terri 01.03.10 at 9:02 am

I have stayed with my service dog several times at the Ramada in Jackson, Mississippi and the Las Vegas Hilton, and neither have given me any problems whatsoever. There was also a little motel in Rankin, Texas, and one in Van Horn, Texas where I had no problems. The stay in Rankin was for several weeks – Van Horn just overnight.

I think a lot has to do with attitude when dealing with those who don’t understand. My mom always taught me to act like I know what I am doing and I (usually) wouldn’t be questioned. Also, follow-up on charges (like “pet clean up” charges) with either a manager or corporate. Ask to speak with the manager or to see in writing the corporate policies regarding service dogs. If possible, research where you are going to stay before you book, and get an e-mail confirmation or such to show the desk clerk who turns out to be uneducated (or purposely stupid).

Keep in mind, though, that even service dogs owners are liable for anything our service animals hurt or destroy, so if your baby chews the pillow or gets travel upset tummy and leaves a stinky, then they can charge you for the damages – just like if you got drunk and trashed the room – trashed is trashed. I always take my girl’s crate with me – I rarely use it, but I always have it just in case.

I think another question should be asked about problems with restaurants while traveling. I think most of us have educated and don’t have problems with our favorite restaurants in our home towns, but what about on the road? And, if driving, stops along the way? I personally have really only had a minor issue in one restaurant (a high scale Japanese restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi – the hostess didn’t understand, but the manager had no problem – evidently we were the first service dog in the establishment – all the girls kept coming over to check us out and my girl just snored away on the floor the entire time). I have never had a problem in a truck stops while driving (including their restaurants, whether fast food or sit down), but have gotten some second looks in smaller stations.

6 Alice Bell 01.03.10 at 9:21 am

The Spot Dog Card has the law printed on the back side, which is helpful for folks who do not know the laws regarding service animals.
While I have not had any difficulty in traveling with my dog, I have been questioned and made to produce doctor’s medical statements and dog training certifications for Florida vacation condominiums where I own. It is a sad commentary where one is treated better by strangers than in the communities in which we own.

7 Brian 01.03.10 at 1:39 pm

Have traveled with my wife and her service dog on numerous occasions over the past year. Stayed in mostly Hampton Inn’s, but also a few others. On a couple occasions, we have been questioned as we entered, but have always been given the same room as requested, and never charged more. Never had any issues in restaurants along the way. Believe it is how you present yourself and your dog on arrival.

PS. The Hilton Honor’s web site has a check box when making an online reservation for traveling with a service dog.

8 Kathy 01.03.10 at 5:45 pm

We travel extensively w/Gretchen, my service dog. She is a medical alert dog, small in size and cute as a button. I have your tags, a letter from my DR. her certificate, and ID from the school.
We are time share owners and much of the time stay in a condo. I always call ahead and explain that I will have my service dog with me so if they would accommodate us w/a condo close to the out of doors it would be appreciated. We have also flown a charter flight to a casino w/her.

Hotels, Motels — I always call ahead and if I book over the net add it to the “special instructions/needs”area.

I have never had to show anything other than your tag, even though I do not leave home w/out other documentation. A few casino’s gave me a bit of a problem, but once explained, they bent over backwards to make me and Gretchen welcome.

Many are curious about her service, and I willing explain what she does for my life. Education is the key and I will always take the time to explain how service animals ability to enhance the lives of those w/disabilities has exploded into more than a “seeing eye dog.”
EDUCATE -EDUCATE-EDUCATE – even if it means a temporary inconvenience to you.

9 Joshua 01.03.10 at 6:14 pm

I travel alot and have never had a problem with Princess Scruffy being with me. I stay at the Mirage in las vegas as well as the River Palms in Laughlin, Nv., they love her because she is so cute/friendly & I think that means alot as her demeanor is so good to go. But once in vegas I was told there would be a charge for her to which I replied, er no I dont think so & here is my Attorneys card in case you do, they talked it over & decided I was right, especially when I stated not only would the casino be sued but they would personally be also. I then got a free room up grade for my inconvience they put me thru, smile.

10 Ken 01.04.10 at 12:34 pm

I have only stayed at two motels (in western Montana) with my poodle. One didn’t allow dogs but were totally accepting of her when I told them she was a service dog. They didn’t ask for, but I showed them, her service dog tag. They expressed pleasure that she was a poodle and not a shedding dog.

The other motel charged $35 for dogs in a room, but the young night clerk waived it for me. The owner was a bit cold and perhaps suspicious the next morning until I showed her my Veterans Admin ID showing service connected disability. She asked if she could copy it (why I don’t know) and instantly became extremely firiendly. I don’t know whether it was because I was a veteran or because I offered proof of a disability.

Though not travel related, on my third or fourth visit with my dog in the local WalMart, a new manager asked if the dog was service related because of a disability. She seemed to be asking only because WalMart’s policy and the law allowed it. On all visits, many of the employees were happy to see the dog and all knew to ask before trying to interact with her.

11 Robin B 01.04.10 at 12:36 pm

We have had no problem in Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove, Monterey. The hotel we stayed at in Monterey has a no pet policy but when we booked it I explained that I had a service dog and needed a lower level room, when we got to the hotel the desk clerk had a few questions and the only thing I gave her was the ADA law card with the Justice Dept phone number on it. My SD was in her backpack. They treated us very good. Restaurants were all great. I too try to educate (even if I am tired) some people are surprised to see a Standard Poodle as a SD they think all SD are Labs.
Smiles, Robin

12 Kelly 01.05.10 at 4:35 pm

I just flew with Air Tran and they were FANTASTIC !!!!! Princess was the third service dog of the day and the flight attendants presented her with a set of “wings” for her vest. As for lodgings, I honestly have never had a problem! We stayed in the Tahsma Hall in Atlantic City and had no problem at all – however I do explain ahead of time that I have a service dog and why I have a service dog.

13 Kelly 01.05.10 at 4:35 pm

I just flew with Air Tran and they were FANTASTIC !!!!! Princess was the third service dog of the day and the flight attendants presented her with a set of “wings” for her vest. As for lodgings, I honestly have never had a problem! We stayed in the Tahsma Hall in Atlantic City and had no problem at all – however I do explain ahead of time that I have a service dog and why I have a service dog.

14 Todd and S.D. "Rocky" 01.06.10 at 6:42 am

I have to say that staying in hotels with a service animal is a mixed bag and craps shoot. I’ve stayed at hotels that were awesome about it and others, well, let me put it honestly. The ones that gave me the most problems was like the Comfort Inn next to Disneyland and the Econolodge in Riverside, every Extended Stay of America. The common denomatior was that they were all managed, operated or owned by “Ragheads.” I don’t like trying to guess which country America’s enemies come from. I’m a disabled American veteran and have earned my rights to free speech. Even when you try to be polite and upfront,they turn around and try to put me and my family in the worst rooms possible and try to charge me a pet fee that three times more than the room costs. You try to tell them that he is a service animal and not a pet and they call you a liar. One even said,” since he’s not your pet,you can shoot him,no problem,yeah?” I just couldn’t believe my ears.
I have now taken the stance that I do not tell any hotel in advance that I will be traveling with a service animal and in fact, I keep Rocky out of sight until my room is assigned to me. I don’t like it but we don’t to have any control over the matter. These people are cheap and have no regard for our laws here in America and I’m not going to do them any favors either. When you book rooms online,you have no clue to as who owns and operates them. I carry the ADA guidelines in Rocky’s vest and tell them to photocopy them if they like and turn it over to their attorney. Yes, I have a business card for an attorney for extreme cases even though he doesn’t handle these types of case but them don’t know that.
It just seems that even with the laws on your side, you still get treated like some bad guy,a liar or cheat. This happens more often than not. It just seems that the ADA laws needs to be updated and give us rights to sue. I give up?

15 K Poletti 01.07.10 at 10:24 am

My husband andI stayed in Marriott Comfort Inn,Virgina no Pets were allowed. When we first came in they did not notice him and checked in no problems. We left and went to get dinner and came back with him and were told no pets allowed. He had on his vest and ID. I just said very politely he is not a pet. The lady said oh I am so sorry I did not notice his vest and ID. Ok you are fine.

The staff was very friendly and nice and loved my shelty and was amazed of how well trained and well manner he was.

16 Melanie 02.02.10 at 9:53 pm

I travel two months every summer driving across country. I always stay at a Marriott, of any variety. As soon as they see that my dog has a vest and ID, they welcome us wholeheartedly and never charge us the $60 pet fee. My SD always has exemplary behavior, so we have never received any complaints. A+ for Marriott!!

17 Sara 02.10.10 at 9:57 am

Hello, who knew there was a special blog for dogs. Well i am going on vocation and have no 1 I trust to watch my puppy.she is from the world renound & rather expensive. I do not really trust her in anyone elses care so i am kind of stuck on what to do

18 Robin B 02.10.10 at 10:46 am

You need to check with the hotel you are going to stay at and see if they allow pet dogs. The hotel will charge you a fee and may ask for the dogs shot records, and remember if your dog does damage to the room you will be charged for that too. There are some very good kennels that you can use or your Vet may kennel your pup. This Blog is a Service Dog blog these dogs are not pets they are working partners for the disabled owner. Hope this helps, good luck on your trip. Robin B

19 Heidi 04.28.10 at 9:26 am

We are preparing to go on a very long trip (3-4 months!) along the east coast. I have 2 boys, and our service dog is currently in training. As he is a young dog, I realize that we will have to stay on top of his behavior when we are out and about. I will have a couple of “practice” trips with him this summer as we prepare to go on our long trip this fall, just so we can try to work out some of the bugs, and so I can plan ahead as best I can.

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do as I prepare for this big trip with a younger and less experienced dog? My son with the disabilities is 13, the older is 16, and we will be staying in hotels part of the time, private homes of friends the other part. The end of the trip culminates at Disney in Florida, and I know that THEY know how to work with Service dogs, I just want to plan appropriately for the rest of the trip!

Thanks for your help….

Heidi ( first time service dog traveler/mom to great kids!)

20 Melissa 05.17.10 at 11:11 am

I travel between Texas and Ohio with my service dog once a month. I fly with Continental and American. I have had good experience with both but there was one time where I experienced problems with Continental and the plain was delayed for twenty-five minutes because someone did not put the right information in for the attendant so people were mad. I have stayed at Holiday Inn Express, Super 8, Sheraton, and the state lodge in Ohio with no problems. The state lodge did require documentation because they don’t allow any animals. I usually don’t have any problems since I have the service dog tags. I believe they do help people understand better.

21 Lynda 05.17.10 at 7:18 pm

I had my first trip with my SD (Isabella) on April 30, 2010. I called several motels and were told I would have to pay a pet deposit of $10.00 per night or in one case $75.00 for 3 nights. When I called Ramada in Columbia, SC the clerk (American) was extremely nice and was told there would not be any pet deposit. When I checked in I was told by the clerk (Raghead) there would be a deposit of $15.00 per night. I then told him I was told there would not be a pet deposit because Isabella is not a pet but a SD. He wasn’t very happy but didn’t say any more. On my 3rd day the weather got bad and I decided to stay another night. When I asked about the pet deposit, the clerk said appsolutely there would not be a pet deposit. When I told him about the clerk when I checked in he said not to worry about it that if the clerk that took my reservation said no pet deposit then his word was all that matters. I to am an Army veteran and disabled and have earned my rights to free speech. I do have one question: Is there a law that states SD can not be charged a pet deposit? About the only places I travel is from South Carolina up to Penn. Is there is one I would appreciate it if someone would e-mail me and let me know.

22 Lynda 05.17.10 at 7:23 pm

Referencing my above comment my e-mail address is Please reference my previous comment or I may delete it as a spam. Thanks

23 cheryl 06.14.10 at 2:43 pm

i have traveld with my service dog for years. i always stay at the hilton and hampton inns and have no problem with them they are great. when you make a reservation tell them you have a service dog and they will note that. plus it helps with the tags. i havent taken my dog into resturarants but will be traveling this summer so i will find out… but stay at the hilton and hampton inn. if they try to charge you call the 800 number thats what i did and they didnt.. they are awesome.

24 Robin B 08.15.10 at 6:46 pm

Has anyone taken their Service Dog to The California Academy of Science in San Francisco since it has reopened?? They seem to have a lot of rules on their websit when it comes to SD. ANYONE?? Thanks

25 Illiterati 08.15.10 at 9:05 pm

I find it shocking that anyone would even consider paying a pet deposit for a service dog.

In the United States, at least, hotels aren’t allowed to charge for service animals to stay. If the service animal does damage, then yes, they may charge for repairs.

You need to be clear when you speak to the hotel that you have a service animal. When they say “pet deposit”, you quietly remind them of the ADA and that service animals are not subject to pet deposits, as they are not pets, but working animals.

Sorry, in reading the posts here, I see people talking about pet deposits and being so pleased that the hotel “didn’t charge one”.

Pet deposits should NEVER be an issue with a service animal and you shouldn’t be surprised. They’re not doing you a favor, they’re obeying Federal Law.

And if you read this, @Robina, you can sue them under the provisions of the ADA if your animal has not done damage (and they’d have to prove damage). Don’t let them get away with doing this.

26 Peggy C 09.20.10 at 5:10 pm

I too have had problems with econo lodge. I think they are foreign owned. I had a problem in Watertown, NY. The staff or owners barely spoke English. I do not think they know about or understand the ADA. I believe if you own a hotel/motel and or a restaurant, you should at least have some knowledge on the subject. Any other hotel we have stayed in in NY and Vermont, have been very accommodating and have not charged us any sort of fee.

27 Jessica 07.30.11 at 8:44 am

I will be traveling with my fiancés service dog. I found the following helpful documents about the ADA that we are going to take with us to Myrtle Beach, SC. I will let you all know how things go. We are staying at a resort through RCI.

Thank you all for the great posts!

28 Denise Lanier 08.03.11 at 4:21 pm

It is a violation of federal law to charge any additional fees, cleaning or otherwise, for a service dog. Do not *ever* let anyone deny you the rights of access & equality that ADA regulations were designed & enacted to protect. On the times I feel too tired to argue with yet one more person ignorant of the law in regard to service animals, I tell myself I’m not only standing up for my own rights but for those of every other person partnered with a service dog who will pass the same way after me.

Ask to speak with owners/managers; take notes in regard to names of the people with which you’re dealing, along with the date/s & time/s. Follow up with phone calls, letters & emails. This is a civil rights issue. We’re in the unfortunate position of having to be our own advocates, and to champion our rights when we often feel least able to do so – but the only way change is going to happen is if we ferry it along, one encounter/confrontation at a time, raising awareness & educating others as we go along. Our journeys are already more challenging than most & we shouldn’t have to fight for rights the ADA already grants. But if we don’t, who will?

29 Sherry 12.05.11 at 4:58 pm

I have a 6 pound yorkie who is an alert service animal. I had a great time in San Francisco without any problems at the Powell Hotel. They are very dog friendly. They do have a pet deposit requirement but not for service animals. Treated great. I also ate at several eatieries in china town without problems. one owner even asked my little girl is she liked her breakfast.

30 Carol D. 05.30.12 at 1:28 pm

Does anyone know about taking a service dog on vacation to Mexico? My friend would be traveling by plane (usually not a problem… he’s done that many times), but I’m a little concerned about whether he will have problems with hotels and/or restaurants in Mexico since the ADA rules don’t apply there.

Does anyone know who I would call to confirm that he will be ok with his dog in Mexico… or do you have experience with this?

Thanks for any help in tracking this info down!

31 Crystal 07.02.13 at 3:39 pm


Service dog training teams are heading back to Florida after they say a local hotel denied their dog teams a place to stay together. They were in town to help Aimee Copeland.

Channel 2′s Linda Stouffer caught up with the trainers who wonder if the hotel violated the law.

German shepherd Brodie is trained to save his handler’s life by fetching medicine. He also helps owner Steven Kappes if he faints, after a traumatic brain injury suffered in combat.

“We go everywhere together — sleeps in the same room with me,” Kappes said.

But not Saturday. Kappes said he tried to check into a Decatur Motel 6, but thinks he was wrongly denied a room because of a ‘one pet per room’ policy.

“I just think they didn’t get the whole service dog aspect, what the dogs were really used for,” Kappes said.

They said the hotel wouldn’t let the other dog Belle, a Labradoole, stay in the same room with them.

Belle was in town because she will soon become Aimee Copeland’s new service dog.

Copeland lost her hands and a leg to a flesh eating bacteria, and Belle is in training to help.

The group, PSD Academy, said they needed to save money on the trip by putting both dog teams in one hotel room, something they do in other cities.

Stouffer called the Motel 6 and got in touch with their corporate office in Texas, but hasn’t heard back about their dog policy.

The Florida service dog group’s founder, Crystal Callahan Ayala, is talking with an attorney about whether the hotel violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not making a reasonable accommodation.

“If two individuals wanted to stay in your hotel and they were both in wheelchairs, would you make them stay in two separate rooms?” Ayala said.

“All he kept saying was ‘pet, pet, pet’ even thou we kept telling him these are not pets, these are service dogs, these are our lifeline to the world,” dog trainer Dianne Wertz told Stouffer.

32 Lindsay and S.D. Mattie 07.27.13 at 3:49 pm

Hi, My new Leader dog Mattie and I just got back from our first vacation in Myrtle Beach S.C. We stayed at the Carribbean motel resort while we were there. It was a awesome experience. Though if you go on a Live Chat with one of their online reps expect a stupid discriminative session. The person was probably a foreigner but, I went on live chat with them before going out there asking where I could relieve Mattie. The conversation went hello I’m blind and I have a guide dog what are your accomidations for service dogs?
Them: we only take service dogs
Me- well a guide dog is one of the first kinds of service dogs so what are your accomidations
They terminated the chat and I after blocking my number called management and got it straightened out. (Always save a screencaps of your chat if they do something stupid)
Anyways. We stayed in the Jamacan house. They were very accomidative and when the room was cleaned it looked nice no spiders, nothing bad. Though I didn’t get a room with a handicap accessible bathroom this time so bath after the beach was difficult. On the phone they told us the relieving area was beside their parking area. I parked Mattie in front of the restaurant next door called the Sea Captain right in front of management no problems there. I wasn’t going to try and cross ocean bul. At 6:30 am when I’m half asleep. Though my experience was awesome. They do have a maid that’s afraid of dogs though and she reacted to Mattie quite hilariously from my point of view. Though everything was great. The game room is a bit small and has some fair games but, if you’ve got a dog that’s a vaccum cleaner on four legs you should check the floor before beginning a game cause my Mattie even though her leave it command is awesome she was tempted and its hard to do a correction while playing a video game. We didn’t have any trouble with the life guards when we were out on the beach either but, I think they are more lax right now since ‘bike week’ and the 4th is over so they don’t work as hard to make sure rules are followed.
While out on the beach for the first time they had some stingrays get close though. Mattie wouldn’t let me in the water for that reason when we were walking by it.
I recommend though if your going to walk around down there in Myrtle that you have their boots and some Mushers with you cause it’s too hot for paws especially right now. We walked down to the lighted intersection of Ocean and 21st and crossed over. there’s a nice Ben and Jerry’s and Jaboe’s pizza there. they are really nice. the guy even offered to cook Mattie a bit of hamburger though i had to decline the offer seeing as i dont think the school would of agreed with it and we didn’t want her to think about eating things off the floor. everything was great down there and out on Kings hwy there’s a nice outdoor/drive in chickfila that was real nice. they had doggie biscutts and were very accomidating. the big thing to remember if you walk there even from the Dayton house Best Western is keep them hydrated its a long walk and by the time me and Mattie got to the lighted intersection that had a dollar store on one side and a Eagle beach shop on the other. it would of been time to give her water if i hadnt of given her some back at Jaboes. So i’d have to say that we had a good experience in Myrtle and Carribbean’s staff were quite nice. We avoided the pet friendlies since we didn’t want to deal with dog distractions. we even told them ahead of time that we had a service dog. we had to pay a deposit though but, it wasn’t for Mattie and we got it back. it was just to make sure we didn’t wreck the place because of HS students lately. The other Motel down there i’d reccommend though i haven’t taken a service animal there is the Dayton house they’ve always been nice to us and they have the coolest pool. It is a indoor and outdoor. you swim under a barrier to get to the outdoors. So far our biggest issues traveling have been people being afraid of dogs though they didn’t even cause problems. That and a person petted Mattie on the butt outside on the beach. We did have some people think her gentle leader was a muzzle out on the beach too but, things overall were smooth.

We’ll see how our October fest trip goes next.

33 Sharon 08.17.13 at 10:12 pm

We were told at the Blue Ridge Lodge in Blue Ridge, GA that we could not have our service dog because she exceeded their weight limit policy (22 lbs and caged). We recited the ADA service dog law to the owner and explained that the service dog and my husband were protected by federal law. Which the owner called the sheriff and had 3 deputies come and threaten to take us to jail for criminal trespassing if we didn’t leave the property. My husband having a Bachelors Degree in law and criminal justice and soon to be a Masters Degree told the officers that it was their job to read and understand the law and then enforce it. We have notified our attorney of the situation and tomorrow we will file a complaint with the DOJ. Ignorance and arrogance is no excuse for the comment “You tell Barack Obama that my policy applies here and you are not protected here.” My husband told the officers that he wanted to record the conversation and they agreed so we have the whole event on tape. Documents were demanded and my husband’s condition was demanded. Actually, they broke every single law associated with service dogs.

34 Sussie Due 08.19.13 at 9:36 am

I only have one thing to say about this shocking situation… “GO GET ‘EM!!!!!” :)

35 nancy m 08.19.13 at 12:37 pm

I tried to make a reservation and he said no pets allowed I explained with this he was breaking the law

36 Sussie Due 08.20.13 at 8:44 am

Oh I have always had a response for that one. “Will, then you have nothing to worry about. I don’t plan to bring any pets in here” ADA rules state that Service Animals are not pets.

37 robert 09.08.13 at 12:18 pm

I Love dogs but we can’t have them because my wife is allergic to them. we stayed at Wingate by Wyndham in Charlotte, NC . A family of 4 came in with a dog. It was a service Dog . ( now we Love dogs ) and My wife started itching with congestion she had to take meds……. My wife talked with the two people at the front desk she was told they didn’t have pets , ( dogs ) in the hotel. there was also a sign up ( no pets ) I under stand but about a service dog but my wife was having a reaction they said it was the Law that they were allowed in.. She was told she could leave the hotel and find another place to stay… What about people like us, & children who are allergic to animals. where is our protection?.

38 Sussie Due 09.09.13 at 10:05 am

Service Animals are not pets and do not fall under the no pets ruling. It is against a person’s civil rights to be denied necessary medical equipment.

39 John 10.15.13 at 5:07 pm

Service Dogs are protected under federal law by the ADA. No offense, but people with pet allergies do not enjoy similar protections under the law. Your wife did the right thing to take meds for her medical condition, but you might want to re-think comparing her inconvenience to someone who needs a service dog for daily living. My son is in a power wheelchair and will die from his disability long before I will. It sucks being a disabled person. Think about that.

40 burke 01.01.14 at 1:22 pm

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41 Kevin 09.01.14 at 5:02 pm

As a manager of a motel I can tell you we are faced with this issue several times a month. We understand and abide by ADA Service Animal guidelines completely. Please don’t be offended if you are asked about your service animal when making reservations or checking in to a motel. The issue we as motel managers have are the number of people who claim to have a service animal but in fact are just trying to get around paying a pet fee for their pet. We have seen an increase of this in recent years and struggle with it.

42 Sue 09.02.14 at 11:09 am

I am the owner of a Service Dog and, personally, I think they should change the laws where it is OK for a business to ask to see a letter from a Doctor stating you need the dog. That would stop allot of the problems.

43 Bill 05.29.15 at 9:48 am

I am the manager of a vacation rental property with a no pet restriction. We too have seen a strong uptick in people trying to get pets and companion dogs in under the ADA law. We fully comply with respect to the law, but like any law there are always the unintended consequences and in this instance those guests who are allergic to pets are now disadvantaged because not all ADA dogs are dander free. We do not charge a cleaning fee, but I do wish guests would be upfront and tell us they have a dog so at least I can take the room out of service for an extensive cleaning before the next guest arrives.
Further, as a hospitality manager, there should be some form of documentation required of the pet owners to prevent those who wish to abuse the system from doing so.

44 Sue 06.02.15 at 9:55 am

What you are suggesting is against the law. The ADA states the following…

Businesses may ask if an animal is a service animal or ask what tasks the animal has been trained to perform, but cannot require special ID cards for the animal or ask about the person’s disability.

People with disabilities who use service animals cannot be charged extra fees, isolated from other patrons, or treated less favorably than other patrons. However, if a business such as a hotel normally charges guests for damage that they cause, a customer with a disability may be charged for damage caused by his or her service animal.

A person with a disability cannot be asked to remove his service animal from the premises unless: (1) the animal is out of control and the animal’s owner does not take effective action to control it (for example, a dog that barks repeatedly during a movie) or (2) the animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

In these cases, the business should give the person with the disability the option to obtain goods and services without having the animal on the premises.

Businesses that sell or prepare food must allow service animals in public areas even if state or local health codes prohibit animals on the premises.

A business is not required to provide care or food for a service animal or provide a special location for it to relieve itself.
Allergies and fear of animals are generally not valid reasons for denying access or refusing service to people with service animals.

Violators of the ADA can be required to pay money damages and penalties.

45 Sara and Champ 06.10.15 at 10:12 am

I am now finding out the wierd world of traveling with a support dog. While champ is NOT a trained service animal, he has a dr’s note and reccommendation for being my companion and helper.

So far i have not ran into any issues.

I am a Chiarian (Chiari Malformation) and Champ notices when I am about to have severe symptoms (my weather alert –as it were) and with CM1 sometimes comes severe anxiety… He keeps it low – allowing me to have a normal life.

So, because he is “prescribed” to me… He can come with me as my Therapy/Companion/Service dog? And hotels (should/have to) allow it?

Makes life a little easier when the anxiety is Lowered for sure!

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