Service Animal Relief

by Spot on September 3, 2009

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Service Animal relief facility in Denver

Here’s a list of airports with Service Animal relief facilities

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1 Mary Burton 09.06.09 at 12:24 pm

My husband has a service dog and we traveled to a grandaughters wedding by air. I had to take her all the way outside in Denver and Salt Lake City and Las Vegas to go potty as there was no place inside the airport. this could cause missed connections, besides the security lines to get back into the airport. I saw two blind people with their seeing eye dogs and they just had to make the dog wait until they could get outside after their entire flight. It should be required to have a small area of grass with some bags. We would all gladly clean up after our animals and I would be glad to help those who are blind or can’t bend etc.. the entire trip I was thinking of contacting all airports who do not have an area for this, just didn’t know how to start. Any suggestions?

2 Kim Davis 09.06.09 at 3:21 pm

I’ve had to travel extremely long flights with a service dog. If the layover is long enough I can exit the airport. Of course you can’t exit the Honolulu airport unless you jumped through 20 hoops before hand to bypass quarantine.

I carry two extra large puppy pads with me so that the dog at least has a choice. Rianna would hold it… once for 18 hour… rather than use the pad.

3 Sugar 09.07.09 at 11:11 am

:sad: My service dog tag broke and my master couldn’t take me with him. He is pretty resourceful and he found a way to somewhat repair it using some of his spare plastic strips. Spot do you have something to put around it that I can wear on my collar that will keep it from splitting? I sure love my new freedom to go “everywhere” with him and no one can say, “NO”. I am small but mighty and can pull him and his wheelchair through doors, and I can take good care of him when we are out. He and I trained together… Sugar… By the way today is my 6th birthday.

4 all breed dog grooming 09.11.09 at 9:19 pm

. If the layover is long enough I can exit the airport. Of course you can’t exit the Honolulu airport unless you jumped through 20 hoops before hand to bypass quarantine.

5 Todd and S.D. "Rocky" 09.28.09 at 7:17 am

A new Federal Law was just passed this past May that requires all US airports to provide a relief area for service animals. The two airports that I deal with the most is Palm Springs(PSP) and Honolulu(HNL). Palm Springs has two of them,one is just outside the main lobby and the other is beyond the TSA checkpoint next to the outdoor playground. Honolulu’s is in the garden area inside the airport. Remember to have all of your service dogs vet records on you in Honolulu because it is a non-Rabies state. If you are just changing planes in Honolulu,it’s advisable to change your tickets before your trip starts to avoid quarantine.Hawaii requires lots of forms and paperwork and oh my,the fees is just aweful. Call the airports you will be going through about their relief areas or look for their websites. Los Angeles(LAX) does not currently have one yet and they always direct you to someone at TSA who doesn’t know either,other than to tell you that you will need to take your service dog across the street near the parking structures and then wait in mile long lines,TSA inspections to get back in. Never again!

6 Mary Burton 09.28.09 at 10:35 am

It is a wonderful thing that a law was passed in May requiring places for the SD ‘s to go potty. The problem we ran into, is, even when there are places outside it is difficult to get to them in time between planes. I saw a couple who were blind and each had their own service animals and those animals had to wait to go, as it would have been impossible to get out and back in time. They were traveling alone. When we travel with my husbands SD, I must leave my husband alone and take Fancy out of the airport between flights. It is dangerous to leave him and too time consuming to try and get us and the chair, carry on etc back in time to make the next flight. Seems to me a little square piece of sod in a corner someplace, with the bags provided would work out just fine. I know I would pick up after anyone (blind perhaps) who didn’t pick up their animals poop while we used the convenience area. When I mentioned this idea to an employee at an airport , he said ” when we have the Xmas tree up during the holidays there are always messes from the traveling animals”. This would stop this problem and be a blessing for those of us just trying to get from point A to point B. We are seniors and it is so stressful for me to figure out where to go, how to get back and the stress of leaving my husband alone, if only for a half hour or 45 minutes it takes to let Fancy relieve herself. We move as fast as we can, but that is much slower than it used to be. I worry that something could happen and we couldn’t get back to him. I know we could all go together and that would take at least twice as long. We allow for additional time, and gladly, whenever we go anyplace. The airlines schedule can not be altered to fit our needs so I must take Fancy and hope all goes well. Sometimes the lines back in are very long. I don’t take anything except her , my id and boarding pass. Sometimes if I identify myself to someone on the way out they will allow us to get in front of the line to get back in. Usually we just wait in line hoping to get back before the flight boards or Les needs us. I have seen many many places this little green area could be placed. they make room for smokers in most airports, seems a small area for those animals who give their lives to make a difference could be found. When you see a listing of airports with an area for animals, it doesn’t tell you it is outside and a long long way from the gates (especially in the large airports). I just know if the airports knew how important this small area is, they would consider doing it. We, who have service animals train them to not bark (unless to alert), be courteous , they are always clean and well behaved. I wish we could find a way to ask all the airports to consider this need we all have as we travel, and allow an indoor accessible place for our SD. It would relieve the stress we now feel now,by myself and Les and his SD, Fancy. Probably not in our lifetime but perhaps someday, there will be an area in each and every airport. I would be glad to help anyone who knows of a way to communicate with all airports at one time to get this message across.

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