Is Pet Insurance Worth The Cost?

by Spot on August 10, 2009

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Health insurance is on everyone`s mind these days. But little do many know there`s another type of health insurance that`s been available for more than 25 years that few opt to purchase, that`s because it`s for pets.

Pet insurance has been around for a while, and is increasing in popularity. In the last few years 300-percent more people have decided to get a policy for their pet. But it isn`t as much of a jump as it seems, as still only three percent of pet owners are buying into the idea of pet insurance.

What do you think about pet insurance? Leave a comment below and let us know if you have pet insurance and is it a good idea?

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1 sarista 08.10.09 at 3:47 pm

:evil: no me hablen

2 robert vavla 03.19.10 at 2:58 pm

pet insurance is kind of a catch 22 it only will pay if your dog is hit by a car. if the dog get sick or injures any other way they blame on the dog type breed or heath problems already there. I say its a lot easy to take the money you pay every month and put in saving account and use when need would be better, i got the better insurance for 80.00 a month and after 4 years dog fell off stairs and got hurt the insurance said that weenerdogs are know for bad backs and they were not paying for that so i wasited 3800.00 that would have covered the bill and then some . I think pet insurrance is a big rip off

3 Susan 07.25.11 at 9:27 am

My previous service dog had insurance. I never had to use it for his health. It was a comfort to receive the death benfit which was for the total cost of his adoption fee which I used to adopt his successor. Just researchhe various plans out there before you buy.

4 lisa 06.13.12 at 7:50 pm

I need to find affordable life insurance for a alert dog my daughter will be getting in September i have found one that has give me a quote of $1050 a year to cover a $15,000 dog – an agency is buying the dog for her but requires life insurance by us – just seems a lot for a healthy 1 year old dog – i have looked and looked on internet but can not come up with any other companies (i am in Ohio) i need some sites to go on if anybody has life insurance for their dog

5 Gail Graefe 01.20.13 at 6:01 pm

I have a small service dog who assists me as an alert type service dog w/my diabetes so he goes with me every where, he is very well trained and well manered. Never had a problem with anyone, today I had a restaurant mgr ask me to put my small dog on the floor, out of the way, as that was the “new law” for service dogs! I had never heard of this before. Out of the way yes, my dog weighs 13lbs, lays on the seat toward to wall, away from the peoples and they do not see him. The mgr did not object to the placement “as long as no one else did” the mgr did not want the dog around the “table or food”, which my dog only lays there and sleeps anyway, but , I assured the mgr all was well, and it was BUT the point is I checked the ADA site in reference to restaurants, nothing about where the dog sits, at least that I could find, can you help me? Thank you so much.

6 Laura 08.31.13 at 10:04 am

Not after 11yrs , then needs something that isn’t covered and they want $500.00 dollars to do it.
Our dog needed a tooth removed..

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