Rosie O’Donnell Loves Fake “Service Dogs”

by Spot on September 26, 2008

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I think it’s impossible for Rosie O’Donnell to keep her foot out of her mouth. In this video from Home Shopping network (HSN) (at about 8:40 in the video) Rosie talks about her designer’s “Service Dog” wink wink so he can bring his “Service Dog” wink wink on the airplane. She doesn’t just mention it once she does it over and over again and they even show video of the “Service Dog” wink wink. Obviously she thinks that representing your PET as a service dog is on the same level as sneeking an oversized bottle of shampoo on the plain wink wink. Yes Rosie let’s encourage everyone that wants to fly with a dog to claim them as a service dog. Let Rosie and HSN know how wrong and might I mention illegal a FAKE Service Dog is. I’d love to here what you think of this in the comments.

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1 Buddy 09.26.08 at 9:25 pm

As a really and for true service dog, when I hear/read about stuff like this, it really makes me and my human upset. She has what they call an invisible disability but it’s a recognized disability and she even has papers from a judge saying so. Really bugs us when people try to get away with stuff like this because it makes it so much harder for the public to understand the truth about us and what we do.

2 Kathy 09.28.08 at 9:45 am

I hear something like this and this just steams me! We who truely need our Services Dogs are fighting on a daily basis for acceptance and trying to Educate people on the different types of Service Dogs, and then someone of Rosie’s stature sits and mentions about a Fake Service Dog, and she thinks its Funny!!! How appauling! Rosie, I think you need to seriously grow up and start learning about things you make fun of.
It’s not very funny when I have to fight to gain access to a store because of my Service Dog Duke and his tasks of helping me walk! I USED to like Rosie, but she just lost her place in my heart! And I do hope that her Designer was socked with a HUGE fine for being an imposter!
This angers me to no end!
Rosie, I pray you never need a SD because now you have ruined anyone EVER believing you that you seriously need one!

Kathy Bright

3 Linda Moore 09.28.08 at 10:11 am

Rosie,you are a complete IDIOT!!! Maybe with behavior like you’re displaying,you could actually use a REAL service animal…….and tons of therapy.

4 Angela 09.28.08 at 12:14 pm

Please do NOT encourage people to pass their pets off as service dogs when they are not. It discredits real service dogs and makes it more difficult for those of us with hidden disabilities to get access for our REAL service dogs that we truly need to mitigate our disabilities, warn us of oncoming seizures, alert to dangerous blood sugar levels or provide lifesaving or disability-mitigating tasks for us.

A service dog must perform actual tasks (not just typical dog behavior) that specifically mitigate the owner’s disability. And it must be well-trained to be reliable, obedient and well-behaved in public. Please do not make things harder for real service dogs by trying to pass off your pets as service dogs.

5 Keisha 09.28.08 at 1:34 pm

How insensitive and demeaning. Not to mention illegal.
Thanks Rosie! We owe you now for making it THAT MUCH HARDER for those of us that use Service Dogs every day. I mean we fight hard enough on a daily basis for acceptance and access rights. Here is a little something that makes it 10 times worse. Thanks ever so much for being a complete and total MORON here.
Oh wait, your probably too stupid to realize that this is what we call scarcasm! Well incase you missed it Rosie…Your an IDIOT!

6 Robin 09.28.08 at 2:46 pm

YIKES!!!! I always felt like Rosie would fight against discrimination and help the underdog. How very sad Rosie, that you would hurt so many people with disabilities, WHAT A LET DOWN. Service Dogs are not pets, they are trained to do a job and it is illegal to use a pet as a Service dog. You have just made it harder for the all of us with Service dogs. What you did was thoughtless and very hurtful. Living with disabilities is not funny, it is very hard and each day is a struggle. WHAT A DISAPPOINT YOU ARE.

7 sick of Rosie and her big mouth 09.28.08 at 3:00 pm

Well I am about floored. This woman who claims to be for ‘rights’ for everyone is giving her stamp of approval to break the law and seriously endanger the rights of a whole group. To present a pet as a “service dog” is against the law in ALL states. It carries a cash fine as well. If the dog is faked on an airline it then becomes a federal offense.
Aside from all of this, those of us who depend on a service dog to mitigate our disabilities and provide us with untold freedoms are being put into jeopardy as well. If a dog acts up when “working” this reflects badly on all of us and makes people wary. Over time this will erode the rights we have now. How about we all pretend we are gay so we can get someone who is a friend to put us on their insurance policy as their mate?? Would that be a wink wink rosie??

8 Laurie 09.28.08 at 4:42 pm

First, I want to say Rosie I love your craft book and ALL you have done for children. I am truly interested in helping and supporting children too.
Second, being you are not disabled yourself, you may not realize the struggles we go through to gain the acceptability and to validate the importance of our service dogs. They perform some VERY important tasks, medically, physically and emotionally for those in need.
<aSo in summary, I know you care about the “underdog” (although, I hate to refer to people with disabilities as such) and it is my hope you will truly look at this issue. I know YOU CAN make a difference! THANK YOU for considering this issue and gaining a new understanding concerning “Service Dogs”.

Help a Child today…

9 Kathryn Bales 09.28.08 at 4:54 pm

:twisted: :mad: You are even more disgusting than I originally believed. Advising people to try to pass off their pets as legitimate service dogs should be just as much a criminal act as actually pretending the pet is a service dog.

Those of us with legitimate disabilities have fought hard for our right to have our disability somewhat mitigated by the use of a trained dog. In many cases, our very lives depend on the dog’s correct response to intensive training. Non-disabled people taking their untrained pets into public makes it that much harder for those of us who do need them. Not only is this a crime, with a substantial fine involved, those who attempt to take a pet on an airplane, declaring it a service dog, are committing a federal offense.

10 servicedoguser 09.28.08 at 4:55 pm

ok, i use to like ro, but after this. nah. i could go the rest of my life with out seeing or hearing about her. what ro has done, makes it harder for us that really need service dogs. but because she wink wink has $$$ wink wink makes it ok? not in my book… RO you should be ashamed of yourself, Ro, wouldnt know a service dog if it licked her in the face..

11 servicedoguser 09.28.08 at 4:56 pm

i ment to add. I think RO should use her $$$ she has and pay each of us that really need and really use a service dog because what she is doing is a crime I also think she should serve time in Jail for it. :mad:

12 Barbara 09.28.08 at 5:10 pm

Oh Rosie, we have a hard enough time getting access with our service dogs. People who fake it make it harder for us. Folks want to pass laws making our lives even more difficult because of people who pretend their pets are service dogs. Please discourage this man from continuing his charade.

13 Monica McClain 09.28.08 at 5:35 pm

I cannot believe that you would get on television and joke about your friend getting their pet dog on the plane by saying it is a service dog.
As a disabled person with a Service dog who has to fight everyday to be able to have my legitimate service dog with me in public I am most disappointed in you and your friend. Being partnered with a service dog isn’t a joke. It is people like your friend who give legitimate service dog teams a bad name. You should be ashamed of yourself for joking about it on television. You celebrities think you are so above the law. It makes me sick. It takes many hours of hard work for a dog to become a service dog. They help people who otherwise wouldn’t have much of a life without them. You have a life of priviledge and you abuse it at the expense of others.

14 connie 09.28.08 at 6:00 pm

I train people to be independent by helping them train their service dog. The use is to make them more independent. Claiming the dog is a “service dog” is both ILLEGAL an unetical.
Winking without sayinig it directly is cowardly.
I have lost respect for the participants.

15 Paws 09.28.08 at 7:15 pm

Ok, so she mentions this on live TV. So the next time she flies or goes into a store with her fake SD. Why dont they call the cops, People need to stand up to her and SAY NO you cant bring your pet in there. The airlines need to say NO you cant have your pet on the plane. Where are the attorneys to step up and take ROSIE to court for this fraud and illegal act. She openly admitted it on live TV, there is the proof.

16 carolyn 09.28.08 at 7:22 pm

:twisted: :cry: :shock:
You are asking people to contribute to a huge problem of access for legitimate service dogs. It’s not cute to lie about your dog.
It just makes life harder for those of us who really have legitimate dogs.
Why don’t you put on a real service dog/disabled owner team and explain to your viewers what kinds of challenges we have and be helpful instead of condoning this kind of behavior?

17 Larry 09.28.08 at 8:36 pm

obviously Rosie is neurologically handicapped, the eye twitching she can claim is but one symptom…the admission that she is aware that someone has and continues to comit a crime makes her an accomplice. She can probably get off on an insanity plea…

too bad, Id give her capital punishement, make her watch this video until declared dead. and sentence HIM to the same fate…

I would definately like to hear that he got charged. Can you imagine the look on his face when he heard she insinuated he was fraudulently portraying his animal as a service animal? ::grin::

18 Tammy & SDIT Summer 09.28.08 at 9:53 pm

:evil: :mad: This is so wrong. We have so many access issues already without her openly admitting that someone on her team passed his dog off as a service dog in ordter to get it on the plane free. Now we are going to be challenged even more. I think that if he has a “wink, wink, service dog, wink wink” then he needs to have the handicap to go along with it. If they only realized what we, the disabled, go through on a daily basis just trying to get one day to the next, and how much our legitimate service dogs help us, and how we need them so much, maybe they would wake up and smell the coffee. Way to go Rosie, you IDIOT!!

19 Linda Alberda 09.28.08 at 10:04 pm

There have been many reasons that I have admired and respected you in the past. This is not one of them, however. I think you were incredibly insensitive and thoughtless joking about your designer pretending that his pet dog was a service dog so that he could fly it for free in the cabin of an airplane. For one thing, that is illegal and he could be prosecuted for the violating the law. Additionally, he is making it more difficult for disabled people who actually count on their service dog partners for their independence. As someone who has encountered discrimination and injustice yourself, frankly, I am astonished and extremely disappointed at your lack of empathy and understanding for others’ similar experiences. Please seriously consider finding out more about how important our service dog partners our in our lives because then I feel confident that you would be ashamed at having joked about someone faking a service dog to have it fly free. Thank you, Linda

20 Kasia 09.28.08 at 10:27 pm

All true – but does it make sense to complain it here?

21 Jewl 09.29.08 at 7:31 am


I can not believe the nerve of her. We have enough trouble without a celebbrity giving the thumbs up that faking your dog is an acceptable thing to do.

We with service dogs have enough trouble as it is getting our dogs in some places without others making it harder.

I can not stress enough that I hope Bobby did not do this and Rosies needs to make a statement to this fact one way or the other and apologizes to the service dog community.

22 baywinger 09.29.08 at 8:53 am

Um…in California the fine for misrepresenting yourself/a service dog is $1000. Now, for Rosie this may not be much, but for anyone else I sure do hope they rethink the idea of passing an untrained pet off as an assistance dog.

23 Helen 09.29.08 at 9:06 am

I am in tears as I write this. A woman I’ve held in great regard for over twenty years, who was my daughter’s idol for so long, just proved herself to be someone intent to make it harder for ME to survive. This isn’t about convenience, this is about survival. Committing fraud and intent to commit fraud isn’t funny. It isn’t part of a comedic act. Apparently my years of admiration were for naught. Apparently Ms. O’Donnell will do anything for her friends, including encouraging them to break the law. And fraud most definitely is breaking the law.

Every fake out there makes it much, much harder for the rest of us to get where WE need to go, especially those of us with small breeds. Ms. O’Donnell, I used to respect you. I don’t anymore. That makes me sad.

24 Squirt 09.29.08 at 9:56 am

It’s really easy to sum up……look where and who it came from……..most people know she opens her mouth before engaging her brain………she is known for being a JOKE……..she just made it a little harder for the people who rely on service dogs………

25 SDUsr 09.29.08 at 1:53 pm

It is people like these who are the very reasons for the crack-down in the laws, such as the new ACAA law.

What next, she or her designer will get a wheelchair because they are too lazy to walk? :roll:

26 Servicepaws 09.29.08 at 2:11 pm

I actually contacted Bobby Pearce. It was rather easy to look up “Bobby tony award nominated designer ” on yahoo and his website clearly stated his aquaintance with Rosie and even gave me his email address. He alleges that he does have a legitamate service animal but I admitted I was skeptical, but I was going to contact him prior to filing a reccomenddation for a formal federal investigation.

I am offended at Rosies behavior period. IF he is innocent I am as outraged that she made fun of him and his dog as well as she hinted to the general public that you can successfully falsely portray a pocket dog as a service animal. He would have quite a lawsuit for defamation of character if this is the case.

If he is guilty then I would love to see them both face charges. She is obviously an accomplice if this is the case.

either way, I have lost any potential for having respect for that woman

I will post whatever response(s) he gives to me…

27 Kelley 09.29.08 at 3:44 pm

I think this is bullshit. I have always liked Rosie but this gets me angry as it is already difficult to get the services allowed with true service animals…

28 Elise - SDIT 09.29.08 at 6:00 pm

Since Rosie mentioned her “designer” so many times (wink wink), I know a lot of people will now be aware. It is a disgrace that Rosie condones this behavior. I am a true Service Dog in Training. Even so, we have been descriminated against. Kentucky Fried Chicken barred my Mom and I from access to the restaurant. We called the police, however, they could only enforce my access and after this, I didn’t want to eat at this KFC or will not again. This truly stinks. I truly hope that Rosie never needs a Service Animal. Someone may and rightfully so think she is faking it!

29 Diamond and Momma Linds 09.29.08 at 8:29 pm

Hi! I’m Diamond. I’m in training too!

Well, Momma and I did some searching and calling, and guess what WE found out? We can go to and send them an email to complain. If this isn’t the right forum, then what is? HSN might be. Here’s the direct link to email them.!BNCU0cm_re=CustServ*CustServLandPage*ContactUs

– Diamond and Momma Linds

30 Diamond and Momma Linds 09.29.08 at 8:30 pm

You’ll have to copy and paste that whole thing. :P

31 Linda C 09.29.08 at 10:31 pm

What an insensitive fool! The battle that disabled people with actual Service Dogs go through every day is something she should have to experience!

Good grief Rosie…I hope you never need a Service Dog. Having to depend on one daily is something that cant be explained to a person like you.

32 Kathy 09.30.08 at 4:03 am

OMG Rosie has shut down her Ask Ro part of her website, stating she is taking a break!

Give me a break Rosie O’Donnell, you are just hiding from the obvious that people are questioning your actions, and I believe you are READING this blog because Im sure that you have PR people who are watching the web.
Well, Im gonna say what everyone else here say YOU’RE A IDIOT AND A CHICKEN for not taking responsibility for your mouth Once Again! How does that shoe leather taste there Ro, pretty good I bet, since that’s what you seem to be dining on for the past 2 years! Ha Ha!
I’m an Owner/Trainer and Advocate for People with Disabilities and Service Dogs.
I hope that you do the humane thing and publicly apologize for the stupid comments and troubles you will cause people who use Service Dog’s in their daily lives.
You claim that your Designer, Bobbie does have a disability and needs a SD. But even that being said, I’m sure he appreciated you making fun of his needs to have a dog, and even making it public that it was a “Fake SD”! That’s not a joke, and with you trying to be an Advocate for Kids, I do not think you are a good example for our children if you are going to use others troubles one of your jokes!
Maybe you need to open your Ask Ro site back up so we can express our feelings to you. Right now you look like a complete Chicken!

33 Jo 09.30.08 at 10:22 am

It really upsets me as a service dog user that others have fake service dogs. There is a fake here in town and her fake SD attacked my SD. She still uses her and I have to keep looking over my shoulder. Then there are the ones who have the fake SD’s and it makes it ten times harder for me to get into public places with my SD cause there SD caused problems. Even going to a store will make it hard for folks like me. I say SHAME on you.


34 Keisha 09.30.08 at 10:48 pm

I contacted HSN directly as did many of my friends from my service dog group. We all basically received the same generic letter.
Its pretty obvious that even HSN doesnt take us seriously.
Here is what I received:
Hello Ms. C.,
It is clear from your previous e-mail that you are disappointed withHSN and our guest. My name is Jennifer and I would like to apologizefor this situation. We thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us. Yourthoughts have been forwarded to out Leadership team and while wecannot guarantee that an apology will be made before Rosie’s nextshow, we would like to offer you an apology now. Suggestions such as yours contribute to the overall success of ourcompany. We encourage you to continue sharing your ideas with us inthe future. If you have any questions regarding this information, please reply tothis message. For quick answers to your questions anytime, go to: or you may call us at 1-800-933-2887 from 8 a.m. – 1 a.m., EasternTime. Sincerely, Jennifer Customer Service We would love to hear your opinions about our online customer serviceprocess.Click on this link and let us know how we’re doing:

35 sandy greve 10.01.08 at 12:15 am

:?: I am following and wondering is this site owner or anyone who has posted a comment has been contacted by the guy? I know of another blogger has been contacted by him and he demanded that the video be removed and threatened legal action against her for libel.

sandy greve wa state

36 Kathy Brigt 10.01.08 at 7:38 am

I contacted HSN also, and here is their reply to me as well. Sounds the same huh?
And Rosie has shut down her site from taking questions. Looks like if they just ignore us, we will go away?? Hmmm!

Anyone contact DOJ about this yet?? If so, Im interested in hearing what they say.

We need to form together, and not allow this to go on without hearing their responses.

If we go on and just let it slide, we will all pay dearly for it with more difficulty in our being able to access public places with our SD’s.

Hello Ms. Bright,

We have received your e-mail regarding Rosie O’Donnell. We thank you
for taking the time to share your views with us. My name is Carolyn
and I am happy to assist you.

We truly understand the importance of your concern and we appreciate
that you have made us aware of it. Your concern has been forwarded to
the appropriate department and will be reviewed thoroughly.
Suggestions and feedback such as yours contribute to the overall
success of our company. We encourage you to continue sharing your
ideas with us in the future.

Ms. Bright, we appreciate you shopping with HSN and we look forward to
serving you in the future.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please reply to
this message.

For quick answers to your questions anytime, go to:

or you may call us at 1-800-933-2887 from 8 a.m. – 1 a.m., Eastern


Carolyn O. Customer Service

37 Helen 10.01.08 at 9:08 am

ADA investigators for the Department of Justice are aware of the situation. As a whole, however, the DOJ cannot act on its own. What the investigators do with it now is up to them.

As to libel, remember, whatever is claimed to be libel (1) cannot be true and (2) substantial monetary damages must be proved. I doubt either of these things could be proved.

For those of you who are feeling that we as service dog handlers can’t make a difference, I beg to differ. Not only have you gotten a conglomerate the size of HSN to issue a blanket apology, but you have completely shut down Rosie O’Donnell’s website. You may choose to believe this is simply Ms. O’Donnell ignoring us; however, I believe we got the message across. Wasn’t that the idea?

You – made – things – happen … you called attention where attention was due. Be proud.

38 Kathy Bright 10.01.08 at 10:07 am

Dear Helen,
Thank you for letting us know the ADA department of the DOJ are aware of the situation. I do hope that they investigate the situation and do whatever they need to do legally.

I, on the other part are very proud of how Owners & Trainers of Service Dogs have come together as a Community to speak out against someone who merely opened her mouth and made fun of something we are all dealing with daily as to Fake SD’s.
Although we have complained to HSN and got an apology from them, and Rosie has shut down her site to ignore us, hoping that we shall all go away. I personally do not believe this is good enough.

Rosie chose to make a public statement or joke however you wish to look at it. And I believe that she needs to make a PUBLIC apology to all of us who work hard to make sure that our SD’s are well trained and groomed when we go into the public places. Because we know that we need our SD’s to make our lives more independent.

Since she made that statement in a public forum, if she doesn’t make an apology in a public forum. The public will find it easier to claim our SD’s as fakes and can make our lives more difficult by not allowing us access. In which, will make us stay in our home for fear of ridicule and rejection.

We should be very proud of how we are getting the message across. But I do not believe that we should just leave it go. I will not, unless Ms. Rosie O’Donnell takes responsibility for her actions and apologizes to us all!!!!

39 Helen 10.01.08 at 10:38 am

Kathy, I certainly agree to a point. I’ve been a fan of Ms. O’Donnell for decades, and was really shocked by this. But whatever I think of Rosie, I also know that she will have to listen to her legal advisors for the time being, and she almost certainly will not be able to issue an apology right now. What happened involved complex legal problems that will need to be sorted out, an apology would be tantamout to an admission of sorts, and she absolutely cannot do that, no matter how much she may want to.

I do believe that, in the future, once things get sorted out, Rosie will address this, and will address service dog handlers … perhaps even to the point of an apology. I have followed her career to the point that I know that when she’s been wrong, she says so. She loves animals. I believe that she just didn’t realize what she was doing. Yes, as a person with a disability with a service dog (PWDWSD), I was as horrified as all of you. I was hurt, and angry. But people make mistakes. And I did what I needed to do, I wrote to HSN. I spoke to the DOJ. My voice was heard. But I’m not going to beat a dead horse. Now that I know that Ms. O’Donnell is apprised of the situation, and since PWDWSD have successfully shut down the AskRo website, I think the point has been made, and she probably won’t make the same mistake again. I think she probably has now done or will do the appropriate research as to what a service dog is, what it means to have a service dog, how it isn’t “fun.” And she probably has also been apprised of the fact that when people dress their pets up as SDs, it makes life so much harder for us. I run a group for small-breed service dogs, and we suffer the most from “purse dogs” and “Paris-Hilton” fakes. We often have to resort to calling the police to enforce our rights of access — and some of us can only do this in states where state law covers service dogs, as police cannot enforce Federal law, and many states don’t cover medical service dogs, such as seizure-alert dogs.

However, again, I don’t think a few people continuing to badger Ms. O’Donnell is the answer. If you are a member of an organization such as International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP – or Coalition of Assistance Dogs Organizations (CADO), you might write an article for their newsletter, to try to get a large number of people involved and motivated. That may be a better way to get Rosie’s attention. United we stand.

best, Helen

40 Beth J 10.01.08 at 1:51 pm

Fake dogs, Real dogs, Toy Paris Hilton Show Pieces in Louie Vutton Carry Ons?

Ok, what is the issue here? People who want to be like Paris or Britney and be seen with their cuties on their arms, like a gorgeous Marc Jacobs clutch?

Or people who lie about their dog to get them on the plane? Ok, agreed. Those little pips are annoying and obvious companions for fun.

Real service dogs – as in serving special needs, those without site? Who are we talking about? If that is what Rosie is calling fake then I’m going to start an all-out war with her – worse than you saw with Hassleback or Trump. And you know she reads any blog or article or blurb about her.

I have a dear person in my life with an anxiety disorder who has come out of her shell with her service dog. She’s worked hard training him, feels more comfortable leaving her home and I have seen a great change in her – plus that dog is about the most loved dog on this planet.

Anyone, like the grocery store owner who had a problem with this person’s service dog accompanying her into his establishment (where she spends money and frequents), should be better informed.

Sure, people have questions and the service dog people holding the leash should welcome these questions. Doubtful that people are prying or criticizing but it is at times odd to see a person who can see with a service dog. Hopefully these questions are taken well and answered, ideally educating the ignorant population (think Rosie).

What exactly is a fake service dog? Is it one used by a person with a mental illness you can’t see? For example, bi polar is much like MS in the sense that it is a chronic illness that must be taken care of daily. It is a difficult way to live and often it is not someone the outside can see. An illness like MS is more visible. Service dogs should be and can be used by people who Need Them!

Enough Rosie. Shut it!

41 Beth J 10.01.08 at 1:54 pm

FYI – This weekend in Washington, DC (my neck of the woods) the Nation’s Capitol is welcoming a Service Dog Advocacy and Support Group. They will be staying with their dogs at an upscale hotel, welcomed onto Capitol Hill for a tour and photo taking.

Anyone who thinks service dogs are fake…think again!

Anyone going on this weekend trip – ENJOY! You and your dogs should be welcomed anywhere. Hey, wonder if the White House is open??? :)

42 Helen 10.01.08 at 2:25 pm


Things have gone too far. Lawsuits have been threatened against bloggers, and one of the principals has been threatened with bodily harm if not death.

I beg of you to stop here. Discussion, apologies and websites are one thing. This issue is NOT worth people living in fear. Why are we lowering ourselves to what we so despise?!

I assure you the point has been made. Please stop now.

Helen Geerlings

43 Beth J 10.01.08 at 2:38 pm

no personal emails please

44 Helen 10.01.08 at 2:42 pm

“no personal emails please”

Well evidently someone forgot to tell whoever is threatening Bobby Pearce.

45 Beth J 10.01.08 at 3:00 pm

tongue and cheek

obviously i am not making threats. my blog is tongue and cheek. i am in support of service dogs. so glad to hear supporters’ voices have been heard.

no worries – i really am not taking the boxing gloves out with rosie. most of her organizations and non-profits i support (especially foster children)… but sometimes the blogs need to be funny and not so serious. my intention was not to make any matters worse. geez!

46 Helen 10.01.08 at 3:40 pm

Indeed. No disrespect intended. It’s hard to walk a middle line, and I think you’ve done a wonderful job with this site. :cool:

47 Kathy Bright 10.01.08 at 3:53 pm


I do not understand who you are speaking about, who is threatening who with lawsuits or even death???

Pardon me, but I think we have what is called freedom of speech here?? We do not live in a Communist Country.

Im the one who has been opening my mouth about Rosie the most, and yet I HAVEN’T received such a threat?? And guess what?? If I did, they would be speaking to the FBI!

So sorry, Im allowed to express my feelings when someone has wronged PUBLICLY a community that already has so many obstacles.

This is one person who will not stop saying what I feel.


48 Helen 10.01.08 at 4:20 pm

Kathy, I spoke in generalities because naming names has already resulted in the aforementioned threats.

I run a Yahoo group for handlers of service dogs. Let’s speak in “hypotheticals.” Hypothetically speaking, let’s say one of my members had a website, and put up the HSN video of Rosie talking about her designer, naming his name, saying he dressed up his dog as a service dog. Let’s say my member wrote in his/her blog about what happened, and also named the designer. Let’s say other bloggers on other sites did the same thing (as they have.) Let’s say last night my member told me the designer threatened to sue her with an ADA lawsuit (I explained to him/her this wasn’t possible, not with the ADA.)

This designer HAS a website under his real name. That isn’t fiction. Rosie O’Donnell DID say his name. His name, address and phone number can be obtained through Google. It’s been reported to me that he is now receiving threats that he will be “beaten to within an inch of his life.” His threat to my member is now a lawsuit for libel. (Of course, what he’s suing for can’t be true in order for it to be slander or libel.) That doesn’t mean my member isn’t any less petrified. The information was taken down from the website/blog days ago. Pearce just has no one else to go after, so he went after the “villain” he knew. He didn’t care that my member had taken his information down long ago, even down to the very word “designer.”

You certainly have freedom of speech. All I’m saying is, please be reasonable, and remember that there sometimes comes a time when some people become unreasonable and innocent people do get hurt.

What is punishment enough for Pearce? A beating? Death? Or maybe the public humiliation he’s received already? Or is HE *really* the guilty party here at all?

And please remember that, as mad as we make some parties, the more determined they get to take others down with them, and they don’t care about the consequences, not even if those others are disabled, or have service dogs. I know we got the message across, and I just don’t think we can hurt the big guys. But I am SO tired of seeing us little guys get creamed.

*hugs* Helen

49 KathyBright 10.01.08 at 4:56 pm

Helen and others,

Please let me just say this. Anyone who contacts someone because “He” was mentioned in a so called joke by Rosie O’Donnell and threatened to be beaten within an inch of his life is no better than someone who is a criminal and pulled a gun out on someone and threatening to kill them. That shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone!

I do not condone such an action, because that kind of thug mentality gets nothing accomplished but intensifying the situation, in which seems to be the case here.
There are other agencies who can investigate the situation and find out if it is truly an SD. It is not up to us to judge whether or not it is an SD.

What the real problem here is that Rosie opened her mouth, named names, on a public tv show, HSN, and Bobbie is now threatening to sue someone who posted this video on her blog? Now that seems very interesting, when really Mr. Bobbie should be suing Rosie, since she is the one who started this whole fiasco!

It just amazes me to no end, that we are in a free country, and yet we are always the ones who are told or threatened to shut our mouths because of someone else.

This is the REAL JOKE!!!

Well, I’m done here. I will not write anymore. Cause this has just gotten too STUPID for me anymore. People can not use their common sense then there is no hope for such people.
And I WILL NOT advocate for people who want to use brutal force to deal with things. Cause I’m not STUPID!

We can just revert back to be door mats for the world, cause this is where we are heading! Just because we aren’t allowed to ask for something so simple as an apology for wrong doings!

So thanks for the forum but see ya!

50 Sasha 10.02.08 at 12:08 pm

When my dear friend sent this news to me, I was very sad to hear it. My friend’s S.D. was attacked by a fake S.D. The result was my friend’s S.D. became aggressive and would no longer do the needed work she was trained to do. But instead the dog decided it’s job was to protect my friend. Atempts to retrain her failed. She had turned into a guard dog.

My friend tearfully rehomed and many thousands of dollars later, has a new highly trained S.D. She has to be on guard and watch she does not come any wheres near the fake dog since the owner of the fake dog is still doing and the law so far has not stopped her.

I do hope Rosie apologizes one day and does a show supportive of S.D. She normally champions oppressed groups who need it. She may not of realized how serious this is, but she is a adult and knew it was not legal to do so for her friend on the airplane. So bad judgement for sure on her part.

The offending person who took the fake dog on the plane should be brought to justice under federal law. Laws are only good if enforced.

51 Keisha 10.07.08 at 10:46 pm

Why should we be asked to leave it alone? Did we get a public appology? I for one will not stop until we get one. I too have emailed over and over the people involved in this. I have not received any threats. I also have a yahoo SD group and none of us have received any threats and we have ALL written endless to those involved. My guess this is just a statement by someone involved who is posting pretending to be someone that owns an SD trying to get us to stop. Well I for one will NOT stop. If we do not stand up for our rights…who will?

52 Helen 10.07.08 at 11:17 pm

Keisha, I posted my email address, but was asked not to. If you would like my bona fides, please contact Joan at IAADP ; we have been in contact and she has been fully apprised of the situation. Please ask her about Helen from Small-Breeds Service Dogs, and she will let you know that I am not “someone pretending to be someone who owns an SD trying to get you to stop.”

I believe in what you believe in. However, I run a service dog group, and one of my members has been threatened to the point that she had to get an unlisted number, and consider hiring a lawyer. If you feel that you can’t stop, then that’s a choice you have to make. I just ask that you consider that your actions will impact my member as well as others.

Rosie CANNOT issue an apology right now. Legally, she can’t, because of liability, no matter how much she may want to. She cannot admit to it. I swear. If that is what you are waiting for, you are going to be waiting a really, really, really long time. No matter how much you badger her, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. All you are doing is hurting your own people, because you hurt Pearce, who turns around and hurts the only people he can reach, the people with SD websites.

Please Keisha, how is that helping? Ask Joan at IAADP. Please.

best, Helen

53 Razz Man 10.14.08 at 12:11 am

When I see things like Rozie O’Donnell talked about on that show I get very upset. My owner has a rare spinal disease plus many autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, etc. When people look at her, they don’t know anything is wrong, but I do. I know how much she hurts and when she is really hurting badly and I snuggle up really tight. I know a lot of things that humans don’t know but that I can figure out (because I am so smart and love my human so much) about my human, sometimes before she even knows it. I hope they arrest Rosie’s guy that pretends to have a dog like me. I work hard and don’t like to hear of humans acting like they have a smart dog like me. That poor doggy needs a human who is honest about what he does, not a liar. Poor doggy.

54 Keisha 10.16.08 at 1:13 am

Well I say once again. We have been writting everyone and anyone who will listen. Like I said I own a group also, none of us have had any threats what so ever and almost every single one of us have a blog or website of some kind. Even if we did receive a threat … it wouldnt stop us. If you do not like being threatened then quit writting people. But I will not stop standing up for myself and other SD users. No matter what.

55 Bonnie 10.28.08 at 5:56 pm

What do you mean Rosie about FAKE SERVICE DOGS? You mean the ones trained by a personal owner instead of ones that come from institutional training programs? Well if you do, let me education your bombastic train of thought. First of all there are many of us out there that MUST train our own service animals! WE are not so dumb and handicapped we can’t train an animal to whatever special needs we require. Secondly, you bombastic fool….did you ever think of the cost of obtaining a Service animal??? DUH….there are not many of us that cannot afforded to do that. (Course now if you are will to PAY for those of us who are handicapped and in need of a service animal I am sure many of us would happy go along with you as well as institutions that train service animals, because there are not enough institutions or trained service animals to go around for those of us who are handicapped and need them. So stick that were your mouth is!) So, we have to rely on ourselves and the information we CAN find on training a service animal. With our handicaps and limits physically and mentally do you think this is an easy task to do??? No, it isn’t for us…nor is it easy on the animal. But we do it to maintain the independence we have and can have.
Let me tell you a true story. One of our dear friends as Tasaka disease (if you don’t know what that is I am not going to educate you here…look it up on the internet) and is wheelchair bound. She was in need to a service dog, but couldn’t afford one even with the governments grant of $1000…..there are some of us who could have at one time help trained a service dog for her..but alas we had come to a time we were too handicapped ourselves to take on a puppy or a mature dog to train for her. But our little group of handicapped people are strong in character and will. As a group we decided to raise money as well as another group too. While one group built a website for friends to donate on….we as another group make fliers to be passed out to friends and family…donation started to roll in. But it still wasn’t enough….so we in our scooters, wheelchairs, walkers and canes had a massive garage sale with donated goods given by friends and family.
Not one us were not Handicapped….we worked hard..became sunburnt, exhausted and in excurciation pain…but we kept working till there was enough money to send her and pay for the expenses. Even our personally owned trained service dogs that you call FAKE service dogs worked their tails off for us. From picking up items we dropped, to watching over us in case one had a seizure or another might fall…they were always on alert and not one of them complained or ran off, did their jobs with pride as though they knew something special was being done.

Unfortunately I don’t think they have a service dog trained professionally or personally for your type of handicap…unless someone can train a service dog to stick it’s tail in your mouth to shut you up. Cause that is what your handicap is…… open mouth that needs something stuck in it to stop that flapping with bombastic asinine comments. Nor do I think they have trained an animal to help a person say something simulating and/or intelligent enough to help you.

Oh by the way……MY self trained SERVICE DOG is bilingual . I doubt you could understand ASL at 6 months old………but she did and is now 10 years old and still understands English, Spanish, Estonian, and ASL

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it………

56 Helen 10.28.08 at 6:39 pm

Dear Bonnie,
I admire your enthusiasm, but you’re a day late and a dollar short. Rosie did not call any dogs fake. The issue is about something totally different, something Rosie might have implied about a friend, who possibly used an SD vest to get his dog on airplanes. The ADA well covers owner-trained service dogs as well as dogs trained in institutions, and absolutely no one is challenging your rights here, certainly not Rosie O’Donnell.

It’s great that your dog understands four languages. Maybe you should do a little more reading in English and check the many videos before you jump to conclusions and make such false allegations and insults.

best, Helen
Small-Breeds Service Dogs

57 Bonnie 10.29.08 at 9:16 am

Dear Helen……….please read in the first statement “R­osi­e talk­s ab­ou­t HER ­ d­esi­gn­­er­’s Ser­vi­ce D­og” And I am sorry your disability is the in ability to read clearly.

58 Bonnie 10.29.08 at 9:21 am

Dear Helen….explain what a “fake dog” is……….are you saying someone might represent a cat or an other animal as a Dog……..Oh, I think 99% of us would know the difference. And if you ever manage to teach another 4 legged animal to BARK…please put it on Animal Planet as I am sure all of us would love to hear and see it.

59 Craig Goldwyn 11.03.08 at 2:08 pm

I am a freelance writer and photographer with hundreds of bylined articles in the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post. I have also raised 5 puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind. I am working on an article on service animals for the Trib and a restaurant trade magazine. In my research I have learned about people buying service dog vests on the internet and making believe their pets are service dogs.

It is my understanding that there is no federal law against this. Above, baywinger indicates there might be a law against this in California.

If any of you can help me research this topic, I would be pleased if you contact me at I am especially interested to know of documentable cases of fraud. For example, if the person whose service dog was harmed by a fake service dog could contact me I would be very interested in an interview.

Also, has anyone determined if Bobby Pearce actually needs a service dog or not? It sounds to me that it is possible that he might in fact really need one.

Craig Goldwyn

60 Keisha 11.23.08 at 9:56 pm

Don’t feel bad Bonnie. It seems that Helen is only out to make things MORE difficult for us and doesnt seem to give a wit about what Rosie has done or said. IN FACT..all she wants us to do is to stop writting letters to people about it, because she is afraid to stand up for her own rights. Sad really. Good thing people do not listen to her or the disabled would still be stuck in the basment or locked in institutions by their families.

Craig, several of my friends and I wrote to Bobby and no response was ever sent to any of us about the whole deal. So unless it has been said in some other forum (and not just on ask Ro), who knows.

61 Helen 11.24.08 at 7:25 am

Keisha … I thought about ignoring this as I ignored Bonnie’s last insult. I wish you would go back and read my FIRST post in this thread from September 29.

How we really feel about issues does not always dictate how we should act responsibly. In my group, I not only have one of Bobby victim’s (someone he has directly threatened), but one of my long-term members (someone I’ve known for four years) is an ADA investigator for the Department of Justice.

A month ago, a DENTIST came out with a website where he bragged that he had a “service dog” apparently solely for the purpose of helping him fly, because he didn’t want to take Valium instead. Instead of training a service dog, he bought a kit similar to SARA online for $49.95, and even bragged about this in his article online. When people like us found the article, the comments on his article were scathing. You can’t BUY a service dog! After 24 hours of these comments, the article was taken down …. but the website clearly indicated that the dentist was still “proud to have a service dog.” I can tell you that actions were taken after that point, though I can’t tell you any more than that.

Which is worse? Someone of Ms. O’Donnell’s stature going on national TV and apparently condoning “faking” is very damaging. But it could have been worse … it could have been on a more popular show than the home shopping network. But please remember Ms. O’Donnell herself did NOT actually commit a crime, and we don’t know that anyone did! If someone did, it was Bobby P., and we only have hearsay evidence that he did.

However, in the case of the dentist, now there’s the crime straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. (I did not speak to him personally, but people from my group have, have tried to explain things, and he still does not see anything wrong with what he is doing).

I feel VERY strongly for us, for the disabled, for people with service dogs, and I work very hard for our rights. I just believe in doing things the right way. That’s why the Department of Justice has ADA investigators all over the country. When there is an injustice, investigators do an thorough investigation. They file a report and make a number of recommendations … and they do suss out fakes and recommend whom to notify.

THAT is why I suggested that people pull back, that plus the fact that people harassing Mr. P. was causing him to threaten several people including one of my other members. However, when she changed her phone number, that seems to have lessened.

Rosie *cannot* apologize for this even if she wanted to; legally that would be an admission of guilt, and she would leave herself open to a lawsuit. If you harassing Rosie until you get an apology, it is an exercise in futility, because Rosie cannot apologize. If you are harassing Rosie to punish her, however, then that is up to you. There are, however, better ways to get things done.

best, Helen

62 Helen 11.24.08 at 10:45 am

VERY sorry … this was a prominent veterinarian, not a dentist. Which is much worse, in my view.

“A month ago, a DENTIST came out with a website where he bragged that he had a “service dog” apparently solely for the purpose of helping him fly, because he didn’t want to take Valium instead. Instead of training a service dog, he bought a kit similar to SARA online for $49.95, and even bragged about this in his article online.”

63 Keisha 11.25.08 at 4:03 pm

WOW Helen, I sure hope that in the future and things are worse for people with disabilities getting access with their SDs it doesnt come down to you fighting for our rights. We would never get anywhere. If you feel threatened then thats your problem. But that does NOT mean that any of the rest of us will EVER back down. Even if I was threatened I would never back down. Maybe you should be the one that backs down and let those of us that want to fight it, fight, instead of wasting your time by attacking those of us that are willing to do what is right!

64 Helen 11.25.08 at 6:46 pm

Are my posts coming out in English? *sigh*

I probably won’t be posting anymore; this appears to be an exercise in futility. I wish the best to all.

65 Craig Goldwyn 12.05.08 at 4:54 pm

About a month ago I mentioned that I am writing about the topic of fake service animals for a restaurant mag. Since then the Chicago Tribune has bought 7 op-ed columns from me and I would like to write about this topic for them too.

I said I am especially interested to know of documentable cases of fraud, especially if you know of a person or service dog that was harmed by a fake service dog. I have had no responses. Anything since?

Craig Goldwyn

66 Chris 01.02.09 at 4:53 am

I’ve joked with my wife a few times saying I want to get a Service Dog outfit for our Puggle because she keeps trying to leave with us every time we leave the house for work or a night out. Sure, we take her a lot of places (errands, the park, and even to friends homes)…but to SERIOUSLY do it is another thing entirely.

I say it in jest, and I have a brother whose disabled (albeit he doesn’t use service dogs, he QUALIFIES but doesn’t)… Its just a jest about our dog who thinks she’s an extension of ourselves…

Its one thing to joke as I did, or even as Rosie, but I hope seriously she does NOT do this practice and it will backfire on her one day… I have the utmost respect to those who use service animals…

67 kathy 01.05.09 at 6:17 pm

dear rosie . my 18 year old son has just fallen truly in love for the first time in his life. her name is Gwen . she is a 2 year old guide dog for the deaf and hearing impaired. she is a hearing ear dog. from one mother to another i am truly ashamed of you. you are lucky that all your children can hear and don’t need a dog guide. my son has struggled for many years and been hurt by many people by their ignorance and stupidity the same kind you have just shown by your ignorant comment and the stupidity of your buddy with the Fake ‘ dog guide”. i would urge you and your friend to spend a week in a dog guide training facility to observe for yourself what amazing animals these are and what the clients who receive these TRUE HEROES of OUR WORLD go takes years of training and hard work for the dogs and clients to work well together and bond, and you have insulted them all with your comment ,just so you could get a cheap laugh and cheap it was. please do not make light of this again. these dogs give freedom , independence a chance for social networking and so much moreto their owners, more than you couldn’t even begin to understand. one day Gwen the love of all our lives may have to,God forbid ,save my sons life, something clients of guide dogs don’t take lightly. i hope the same can be said for the Fake Dog. kathy

68 kathy 01.05.09 at 6:39 pm

dear bonnie, am i understanding you right. i am assuming you are from the USA.i am from Canada.are you saying that you have to pay for your guide dog and training? if so this is unbelievable. in Ontario it is paid for. the dog is trained for 2 years at a facility and in foster homes and when a dog is found who would be a good match for the client the client is brought to the facility in some cases for a month and trained with the dog .the client lives at the facility room and meals inclusive. it is done through fundraisers and the lions club of Canada. is there know such facilities in the States. this is so horrible if not. is there know associations that could help with this? kathy

69 kathy 01.05.09 at 6:43 pm

helen , bilingual means 2 languages not 4.

70 Helen 01.05.09 at 6:48 pm

excuse me?

71 Helen 01.05.09 at 6:53 pm

I just unsubscribed from this blog, Kathy, so I won’t see whatever insult you respond with.

Be well, all, and hope you had a good holiday and new years.

best, Helen

72 kathy 01.05.09 at 7:09 pm

is there a human rights commission in the states? do you not get a card to state that this is a certified dog guide with a picture of you and your dog? the dogs id number etc.if you have a human rights commission are you not given a copy of the section on dog guides to show to people who refuse you entry to establishments? i am just curious , because it sounds like you are all having a difficult time.

73 kathy 01.08.09 at 4:55 am

hi Pami, it’s Kathy. you messaged me. i am from Canada and i was reading some of the comments and can’t believe some of the things you have to go through if you use a service dog in the USA. i am assuming that is where you are from. it sounds like you aren’t treated with much kindness or empathy. thats why i was curious if you had a human rights commission or the card to prove the dog is a legitamate service dog. the only place a service dog is not allowed in Canada is the intensive care unit in a hospital. they can go anywhere else and if they are refused entry we can file a human rights case, as long as dog is well groomed and not smelly lol. i was just really in shock when i read what you all had to go through and my sympathies are with you all.everthing concerning disabilities or service dogs seems to be a battle but you have to keep fighting for your rights. it’s a tough haul but you can’t give up. that’s why when i heard what Rosie said and what her designer did ticked me off so much. i don’t think they realize the fight the people with disabilities have to go through each and every day, and they just laugh it off for a cheap laugh. anyway thank for getting back to me . talk to you later. Kathy Swartz

74 yakeyrah 02.06.09 at 12:24 pm

Look at the source, She proved what type of nut case she really is before and after the View. Now the authorities know what to be on the look out for. What do you expect from some worthless piece of trash like her

75 Flecks, SD & Surrido SDIT 02.12.09 at 10:48 pm

I must say I was totally appauled at Rosie’s attempt at humor regarding the “fake” service dog. I have never been a big fan of either Rosie’s show or HSN, but it seems to me as though the one place these people don’t like to be hit, it would be in the pocketbook. Has anybody thought of a boycott of HSN and whatever network Rosie is on? Send an e-mail to the producers of those networks and find out how fast Rosie feels the heat. She may not end up apologizing due to possible lawsuits, but it might do something to get the designer to make a written apology for the show. In these tough times, people aren’t going to miss the extras off of HSN or whatever network Rosie is on. Make a list of each product you see on that station, then call call or write the company explaining the reason why you will no longer be purchasing their product. Start with products aired only during her show, and then graduate to more products if the station/affiliation ignores the situation. That would be my recommendation for making my voice heard.

Sabra, Flecks & Surrido

76 phoebe (dog) & jeanelle (disabled handler) 02.13.09 at 12:20 pm

It’s bad that she thinks making light of a service dog is funny. I hve MS which means i cant handles more than 5 lbs so my sercive dog is a chihuahua and because my disability isn’t as visible I was challenged at my Alergist. When people don’t respect our dogs and their job it can make it hard to avoid issues. When a “celebrity” thinks it’s ok to “fake/lie” what does that say for the satrs/idols our children look up

77 Joylin Guzman 02.15.09 at 4:33 pm

OMG, what ? she sould be so assamed :shock: definetly she doent have any dissability or in the need of a service dog. We the one that has a medical alert dog sometimes has problems when it comes to people accepting them because most of the times people only think about blind people having sd and when they notice you are not blind even with the proper id sometimes is hard just think about what a negative response this will trap us into. She should be responsible and try to mend her action by giving on the same program different message about sd and try to mend her horrible speech. Someone should give her a copy of all this comments so she can read them and be ashammed of her irresponsible action.

78 JoLynn Schoonover 02.15.09 at 4:45 pm

I can not believe all this thats going on. Its just not right with what she has done and or said. I break my back and end up in a chair, but when I transfere etc. I have Brodie to help me. If it wre not for Brodie I do not know what I would do. He does so many things for me. Retrieves things helps with the laundry and medical alerts. He is one awsome boy.

JoLynn & Brodie

79 cindy 03.02.09 at 9:57 am

Maybe the dog furnishes the intellect part of the partnership.

80 Lana 03.13.09 at 11:22 am

Service Dogs are special. If Rosie O’Donnell needs a service dog or wants to be disabled then she should have her head examined. Not every person with an obvious disability has a service dog. Many times in remission I am asked why I need my dog. That is personal! But it is asked by people on the street, people working for so-called disability agencies, and on and on.

On another subject, how about those organizations that ‘train’ service dogs and the dogs are not exactly suitable. My second service dog is not as good in public and not as good period as my first dog was. My first dog worked every time. She opened the doors without the negotiation and picked things up without eating them or flipping them in the air as if a toy. This dog almost ‘washed out’ I was told – probably should have but now it is too late. We have bonded. The agency who gave me the dog blames me for the dog’s lack of training. I had a service dog for over ten years before this one and went through a lot of training as a trainee, trainer, etc. Beware new users – choose your agency very carefully and if you are bothered by Rosie O’Donnell’s thoughtless comment – you need to get a thicker skin. People like RD will always make thoughtless comments in order to get notices – it is part of the sick cylcle they exist within. :wink: :smile:

81 Trouble Gaining Access 05.24.09 at 12:31 pm

If you are having trouble gaining access to ANY location be it a store, buss or airplane then you might want to read up on the ADA and take an assertiveness course. It is your right for cripes sake! Stand your ground and know the law.

I have never had any trouble gaining access after explaining how my attorney love to teach classes on the ADA.

82 Janet Smith 09.07.09 at 8:23 pm

Oh for heavens sakes people grow up, get a life……… something besides rant about Rosie whats-her-name.

What do you expect from a low life that scratches her crotch after “screaming” the National Anthem.


83 JoLynn Schoonover 09.07.09 at 10:01 pm

All this chaps my hyde. I think to many have readd this in my town. Now anyone can take a dog into Vons shopping maket. The boss told the cashiers they are njot alowed to ask if its an SD or not. If they do ask, they will get fired. I have turnd them in about it and then the boss got into there face once again. Food stores are not meant to take a pet into. A woman walked into the store with a pink poodle & said she helps her to find the food. Ya right like I believe that one. The dog is in her arms. DAH :roll: Its getting to be a pain in the butt. I also am in a chair & Brodie is my Service Dog. Helps with mobility getting up and into a chair or bed, helps with laundry & medical alerts, etc. He gives me my indapendance.

84 Doc 11.01.09 at 9:15 am

Doc 11.01.09 at 9:01 am
These blogs about certification are all very interesting. It is almost as interesting as watching drivers get out of thier cars parked in Handicap spaces. or the best one, off of a motorcycle (lots of parking permits are given because the MD can’t say no or is passed down from an eldery parent and left in the car)! Why would anyone object to certification ? I you really have a medical problem that requires or is helped by a service dog, than there is no reason to fear certification. How many people dess thier dogs up in vests just to save the $150 on the airplane? That prevents an truly required dog from gaining access. I realize that dog and caats can really help with emotional issues….our pets make us happy. I think dogs ahave a natural ability to realize when we are sad or hurt….but that does not make them Service Dogs. The SD class that pull chairs,open door, pick up objects etc are performing a vital necessity. I don’t have to comment of Seeing Eye Dogs. Alert dogs also perform a service…Diabetic dogs alert low sugar, allergy dogs keep kids away from peanut butter, siezure alert dogs can save lives by alerting an individual to sit down or stop driving! There are also many other diseases that are similar to siezures that SD can benefit. If you truley have a medical problem that a SD can assist in or afvise of than why would you be afraid to have your dog certified ? I don’t get It. Yes I have a SD Dog…an Alert Dog…very well trained….and she has never been in a restaurant, movie, store, or airplane (1st flight will be early next year) because I have my wife of a friend with me. To say that a dog is needed to calm someone on a plane…well that is pushing a bit…that is why they make medications to help calm you.

So, I would love to have certification of some kind. I am not afraid and I encourage it

85 JoLynn Schoonover 11.01.09 at 10:04 am

I do not mind having the certafacation. In fact Brodie is caertified. He helps with transfers from my powerchair to reclyner etc. & helps with doing laundry as well as tacking off my jacket & gloves. He does my low blood sugar alret.
The trainner that traind Brodie done a great job. I can not thank him enough. Im glad Brodie is certified. Sure its just a paper to most, but the trainner backs us up if I should need to.
Its a shame that folks don’t know more about service dogs. They tell me (its just a dog & he needs lov to) Yes he does need love & I give it to him all the time. We even have play time at the park. I can’t stress enough for folks to not pet the service animal working, especially when they are working.

JoLynn & Brodie

86 Lainey and 'Lunar Sky' 11.01.09 at 4:38 pm

Rosie O’Donnell is wrong! The ADA does not require certification of service dogs at this time. Service dogs include dogs for hearing, assistance with mobility and guide dogs as well as dogs for persons with autism, seizure alert dogs, and other alert dogs including dogs trained to alert veteran’s with PTSD to panic attacks. Rosie O’Donnell appears not to have much respect for herself when she spouts off at the mouth and disrespects persons with disabilities. Perhaps she is stuck in adolescence when saying things such as she said are said to make a person feel like they are superior. It only makes Rosie look ignorant. Can you imagine what she is teaching her kids!

There are bills in Congress to approve funding to train service dogs for Veteran’s with PTSD. It is cited in the latest IAADP newsletter. Call you Congressperson and ADVOCATE! :smile:

87 Lainey and 'Lunar Sky' 11.01.09 at 4:40 pm

To all my fellow service dog handlers – Keep up the good fight and never, never, never quit!

88 JoLynn 11.01.09 at 8:35 pm

I know we do not have to have our SD’s certified. Im saying Im glad Brodie is. Now my first SD was not certified. I hope they never make it the law. Not everyone can aford it, & if I get another or when my husband gets another (as a drunk hit & killd his SD) then we will train it ourself. He is also a Vietnam Vet & had 2 heart surgerys and needs a power chair. They will not aprove him a new one, but said its good that he has one. This chair needs new batteries and tires. I doubt that they would give him a SD. I will not give up. Never

89 Heather 04.10.10 at 12:28 pm

I belong on a few dog breed lists. Its not uncommon for someone to mention that they have their dog ‘certified’ as a service dog so it can fly to shows etc. Of course the people have no legitimate dissability. Well, maybe its in between their ears and its mush LOL

90 holly h 04.10.10 at 6:21 pm

+hi this is my first time talking about my service dog. but the trials i have has in the public is outragous. i had a anerizem operation and faith takes care of what i call leftovers. rosi d need a hand book on service dog manners. i was at a store and a parent had thier kids out of control we happened to be insight of them the mother looked at us and said if you dont stop it that dog is going to come over and get you. i raised my head exscive me this not what faith is about and how daer you thretten your kids with an animal no less a service dog its peiple like that who need to be educated on service dogs mabe it should be a part of the lamaz class.

91 Desiree 04.08.11 at 10:47 pm

I think we’re missing the BIG picture here, which is, Animals need to have rights as well as people. I’m not condoning Rosie because she wasn’t saying it to hurt any of you, and maybe she wasn’t thinking about what she said, however, what if we were allowed to take our good, well behaved companions around with us? I dream of the day when Animals are treated equal and with respect. I would love to take my furchild shopping or on the train. Of course people shouldn’t bring untrained animals along, but most of us good animal owners have well behaved pets.

92 Brianna 06.04.11 at 1:52 pm

Are you sure she was not just picking on him for fun, duuhhh, why do people have to take others so seriously when she is in comedy? I have a yorkie-poo that I am training to be my SD, I suffer from Hiv, Depression, and Anxiety with Panic Attacks, She is now potty trained, and she does not bark as a rule, she lets me know when someone is behind me. as well as she knows when I am in one of the above modes and when in a store sits quietly as I do about my shopping, she still is a puppy so she likes all people and does not growl or any of that, I am now training her the basic commands, potty-potty, sit, and lay and stay, She gives me so much comfort in going out where normally I might starve for a few days before doing so, so does this give me a right to have a SD, I was told by ADA that she was as I have a mental illness which might I add been in the hospital 5 times in the past, So my first time in 57 years of having a dog, I have to say she is giving me the greatest comfort and yet to try to use public transportation other then the bus which I had her in a carrier and a child kept peeking in which made her uncomfortable and she did do a whine growl which I think she was protecting her area, Now if the child had not been doing so I feel that on a few trips she would be actually too friendly out of the carrier and in my lap, so I want her classified as a SD not a companion dog or animal but think it should be for dogs only and not for cats, mice, rats and well you name it, but allot of people on here fit one of those catagogies I must say, as to me she is a SD dog, and I am training her myself as where am I going to get all that money to pay for one that I want a special breed that I can handle as well? so if you want to pay a professional what I can do then let me know, But until then do not walk in anyone shoes unless your willing to do so, and who is to say that the person that rosie was talking about actually did have an impairment? Hmmmmmm? anyone can make a joke but god why take things so seriously? that is my two cents to think about! To me there is too many that are jealous out there, yes true I am sure some use the law to their benefit but I have SSDI to prove mine! that should be the only proof one needs!

93 Tammie 07.27.11 at 4:37 pm

Here’s a comprehensive view of Service Dog Fakers:

94 Lauren 08.27.11 at 7:07 pm

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