Service Dogs: Serve Many People’s Needs

by Spot on August 18, 2008

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Service Dogs: Serve Many People’s Needs
Contact: Adam Cothes, Publicist, WinePress Publishing Group, 360-802-9758,

ENUMCLAW, Wash., Aug. 15 /Christian Newswire/ — At one time the term “guide dog” brought to mind a picture of a larger-breed dog walking alongside a blind man or woman as he or she maneuvered through crowded streets, crossed intersections and took public transportation. Today, no longer limited to the blind and visually impaired community, these faithful companions are known as “service dogs.” Dogs of all sizes and breeds alert the deaf to phone calls, doorbells and emergencies, calm the mentally ill and offer comfort to seizure sufferers. Others, called “therapy dogs” visit sick children and adults in facilities where the furry assistants are welcomed and greeted with hugs.

When Linda Smith developed MS she and her husband Don decided to adopt a puppy to raise as a service dog. From an eager, yipping group of puppies they chose a clumsy, quiet Golden Retriever with a soft funny-sounding bark and christened him Tucson. Tucson learned to assist Linda in standing, fetching laundry and barking when she needed help. Soon, however, with the help of a new medication, Linda’s health began to improve. With less need for a service dog, Linda and Don began serving disabled children and kids with learning disabilities with the help of Tucson. “Tucson the Terrific,” as he became known, is now a certified therapy dog and a READ (Reading Education Assistant Dog).

The joy that Tucson has brought to Linda and the children that he serves inspired her and Don to write their first children’s book, “Tucson the Terrific”.

“Tucson invites the children to follow him on a real life adventure,” Linda says.

The story tracks Tucson’s fear that he might not ever be adopted because he is different, his sadness as Linda no longer needs all his help and the joy of finding a new exciting purpose helping children with special needs. Don and Linda hope that the book will inspire young readers to feel good about themselves. “God has a purpose for everyone no matter how dark the circumstances seem to be.”

“Writing this children’s book has been a labor of love,” Don Smith says. “We have shared much laughter and a few tears. We hope our book brings joy to many children and their parents.”

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